Copenhagen X wing Birthday Bash

Copenhagen X-wing Birthday Bash

So this weekend Saturday the 28th, Copenhagen X-wing had its 4 years birthday, which was celebrated with a tournament in Tåstrup Medborgerhus.

This was a nice and relaxing tournament. Competitive but still very casual, i was there and played a older List of mine, a list that actually in 2015, brought me into top 8 at CPH regionals back then

The List

A list consisting of the following.

Rear Admiral Chiraneu
Darth Vader
Ysanne Isard,
Engine Upgrade

Soontir Fel
Push The LImit
Hull Upgrade
Royal Guard Tie

How it Went Down

This was a tournament that i will remember not because i did very good but because that the Bye I had in round 3 combined with the Lunch break, i used to go and be at a funeral to pay my respect to my Girl Friend,  Granddad who passed Away, and then after the ceremony me and my girlfriend got back to The Birthday bash and got to get through all the emotion a human can have in one day, this was somewhat ambivalent.



Round 1 In Copenhagen Birthday Bash

But nonetheless, i played 2 rounds, before Lunch which got me to 1 loss and 1 victory, first game was against a Mindlink list i got my ass wooped and Soontir was caught napping and bumping and getting oneshotted, he had 2crits and 2 hits and Soontir chose to roll 3 blanks at a range 1 shot, then it is bound to go wrong, and so the rest was history RAC agains three ships is like sugar in what it disintegrates like poof there it was.

Round 2 In Copenhagen Birthday Bash

Round 2, was another matter, i was lucky in the end, i met a Dengaroo list, and i was like holy F… That is a dangerous list, especially against a list, which was close to a list that won the Worlds over there.
Soontir and RAC, was up for some, though competition and oboy a match, it was one on one in the last 15-20 minutes with one Hull each, until i did take the last out and won the match closely, this was one of the best matches i played, it was fun, ups and downs.

Round 3 and 4 In Copenhagen Birthday Bash

As i wrote earlier, Round 3 was a Bye, and i was supporting my Girlfriend, at her granddads funeral, a VERY beautiful ceremony. And went Back, after a couple of Hours, to play round 4, this time it was, against 2 K wings, with A tonnes of Bombes and missiles, and ofc tlt’s on top of both K wings.
This went down to RAC against Miranda, and when he got his chance he choked up and he could, at least has given me a draw, but that did not happen, instead i lost it all, sadly but hey it was a fun game, where we exchanged a lot of shots.



Round 5 In Copenhagen X-wing Birthday Bash

The Last round i Played, Against Ghost, a Double tapping ghost, and an U-wing, with Heff Tobber
This was a match, going only one way from the start, i played like a dropped sack of potatoes, and lost again, i was not at 100% i could feel it from the start.
And i basically was annihilated, This was also, my first meeting with a U-wing, so was excited just until i got destroyed.

But all in all a good day of X-wing with some cool people in a cool danish Community, at the end of the day i was lucky enough to win a random draw for a special Biggs Card, only a few of them exist, So i was happy with the day, i could have played ALOT better but i am soon to be found at the Odense Regionals where i will try my best to keep away from the bottom.

So see you next time, in the next Blog !

Thanx to all participating in the Tournament, Thanks to The TO Vince Kingston , organizors Poul Holmelund, And Henrik Christiansen, and to My Girlfriend Lise Pilgaard who kept track in Cryodex of all our results.

Lindhardgaming Signing off.



Interview with the Yavin Open TO/Marshall Vince Kingston


What did start your interest in TO’ing

Well it stems back to my first ever ‘large’ tournament. It was the 2013 UK Nationals, where if memory serves we were 64 players. After that tourney, I promised myself to start running the best tourneys I could.

How many years have you been TO’ing?

Since 2013 I guess now. So basically as long as X Wing has been growing.



Are you looking forward to be TO/Marshall at Yavin Open?

Of course. I’ve an amazing team again this year, and I’m sure it’ll be a huge success.

Is it demanding to be the TO/Marshall at such a big tournament?

Of course. That said, most of the hard work is done before the tourney gets off the ground. Thankfully FFG changed the structures for events to differentiate the different roles at tourneys, so my stress level goes way down.

That said, there’s always things that don’t go to plan on the day. I have a somewhat unique style of Marshalling, I put a lot of trust and faith in my judges, so I’m able to focus on making sure everyone is having a good time.

What are your expectations ?

Yavin 2017 is going to be a bit smaller than 2016, but I suspect it’ll be no less busy. We have three hangar bay events running concurrently with the main tournament. Competition is going to be fierce, as the big prize is the trip to Florida.



Any thought on yavin yet?

It’s shaping up to be an amazing event. I’m sure everyone will be happy!

What Meta do you think will be at Yavin?

Really hard to say, as there’s so many new toys coming. I suspect Triple Defenders are going to be a thing this year though, as will Rebel Regen…but all depends on if we get the last Wave X releases before the date.



What are your thoughts on the new Tournament structure from FFG (if played Long)

Which one? There’s been several :), I think the overall changes in the last couple of updates have been good, especially the elimination of draws. Total round length of 75mins (which now includes setup) is handy for keeping things on track.

Who inspire you to be TO/marshall Etc ?

The players of the game. I want to make sure everyone who ever attends one of my events walks away with a positive experience!

And good luck at Yavin.




U-Wing Wave 10 StarWars X wing

U-Wing Unboxing

U-wing Unboxing in this video just below.

What is the U-wing?

The U-wing, is a ship from the newest Movie, in the Star Wars Universe Rogue One, in Rogue One, the U-wing is a troop transporter, that you see the rebels, utilize on the Beach, when coming to help “Rogue One” This is a ship that got its own title, where it can change, wing positions and gain bonus if the wings are pointing backwards or forward.

And you can buy it right here.

How is the U-wing Dial?

The U-wing Dial is actually Quite Good with only one red maneuver which is the 0, so just like YV666 and The Imperial Shuttle it can hold its ground if it is not stressed. Other than that it has 6 greens which is straight 1 and 2 and bank 1 and 2, so got a fairly good opportunity to get rid of stress from the 0 move, this ship is a bit fast as it can go 4 straight to get fast across the board, it is a large Ship so it will seem very fast, and ofc. With Engine upgrade, you could boost your ship further across.

The downside to this, dial is the possibility to turn, so you will not out run ships, with this dial, it is similar to the Empire Shuttle but this is more agile, as it does not have any reds except for the 0 maneuver.

Is the U-Wing Competitive?

Well I haven’t played it competitive yet, The ship has 3 attack, 1 agility, 4 hull and 4 Shields, but I can see some possibilities, with Cassian Andor or Bodhi Rook, those are both, very good support pilots, one is removing stress, and the other basically makes it easy, to take target lock all over the board, even if your ships are spread and scattered. And if you are going for an elite pilot talent, remember ONLY Cassian Andor is able to take one.

I could see maybe a build like this with Bodhi Rook

Bodhi Rook (25), Sensor Jammer (4), Pivot Wing(0) and Kanan Jarrus(3), which is 32 points worth of support ship, that makes it easier to take target lock.

So maybe consider, it to paired with anything, that can shoot torpedoes or missiles, and then use Kanan, to remove stress from ships around it also. The sensor jammer is just, a good survivability card.

And remember the U-Wing can take Target Lock and Focus which are the standard actions for this ship.

What Is the U-wing weaknesses as I see it?

As I see it the weakness, is ofc the 1 agility defense Die, you can boost that, with the title, but still is a weakness, and I would personally, classify it as a weakness, that this ship is a large ship, ofc it carry quite a big load, of infantry in the movies, but I don’t know about it being a large ship, when we compare it, to ships on small bases that in my opinion should be large ships, like the K wing and the TIE punisher.

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TIE Striker Wave 10 Star wars X wing

Tie striker unboxing


What is the TIE striker?

The TIE striker is a ship, first seen in the new Rogue One movie, it is another TIE(twin Ion Engine) ship from The Empire, and is a part of wave 10, for the Star Wars: X wing miniature game, and already after the movie, someone would make fun of this ship, because it can actually, flap its wings like a bird, so there was, much fun in that, it was a mini cartoon make for YouTube I think, but nevertheless us X wing players have it as a playable ship in our fleet now that is has arrived to the stores.

So if you live in Denmark, you can buy it at Dragons Lair, Just click the Banner for a direct Link to the TIE striker.

The TIE Striker Move Dial, is it good?


This is actually a decent dial, it is not a fast ship, you can’t go 4 or 5 forward in the first turn, so this is actually one of The Empire small ships that you actually can slow play with, unless it is a small ship like bombers, but first agile ship you can slow play with, you got all the 1’s which is super great for maneuverability.

You your 2’s all of them which also adds to the TIE striker maneuverability, and bank 3 and straight 3 on top of that.

So your move is quite good to get around corners and ships, combined with the barrel roll you got a nice combination for moving around you could maybe put engine upgrade (insert link here with popup )on the the ship, but that might just be overkill and not so good spend 4 point, all I say is that you could.

Will the TIE Striker be a competitive Ship?

That is a good question and I cannot tell yet, I think someone will field in a tournament, but if it is any good on the tournament scene, I could not say at this point, but I can see some opportunities, in the ship and the maneuverability, and when you field.

You will have 4 attack dices, so maybe combined, with Veteran Instincs, then I think this would do very well with the survivability, and you could take the title Adaptive Ailerons, and do the “free” boost before you move, ofc.  you would have to take that boost, that could be a minor setback in some situations.

I Did see a fun combination when i was playing in Faraos Cigar in Copenhagen, where you would Field a PS 4 TIE Striker  like this

He Then had Echo, and Whisper besides him, always taking Evade, with those 2 and that would, eventually in most cases, give 2 extra attack Dices to this black squadron, it was a fun list to play against.

What is the TIE Striker’s Weakness as I see it?

The weakness of the TIE striker, will in my opinion, be the agility of 2, and only 4 hull, this ship needs to stay out of arc, and really be aware, of where the opponents ships, are hiding, because this ship is fragile out of the box.

But ofc. you can make it stronger, by using some of the very nice upgrade cards out there, as I described before, and that is where, I will say that this ship, need its upgrades to survive, but think someone will try, to field a swarm of these with no special upgrade cards on them.

You could actually field, 5 of them in one squad, even more, if you take a pilot skill, lower than 4, so I am sure that there, will be small swarms of these out there, at least just for fun, and I am sure someone, might go for a crack swarm of these, or maybe even, with a small support ship, by its side who knows, there are some creative people, out there in the x wing community.



New Years Mansions of Madness

Hi All



Mansions of Madness And a happy new year.

Mansions of Madness new years eve horror gaming, and makes this new years eve, a bit different of what i use to do, well at least some of it was different, we have invited 3 friends over, for some cozyness, and good food, we made Raclette, which is where, you actually cook, your food at the table, a little like Fondue, if you all know that? Well if you dont, all i can say try it, it taste good.



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Lindhardgaming Presents: Where to Get domain names and web hosting.

Hey all

Ever Considered Getting you own webpage ?

Web-Hosting site, That is what you need, and then you do not have to wait no more, in this post i will explain to you how you get your own domain and getting that domain hosted at a Web-Hosting site, there are various methods and various companies out there which offers different things to your domain.

I will off course again take off from Denmark where i live , to make this about those you primarily can get in Denmark, but i will mention those web hotels i know off outside Denmark also.

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Lindhardgaming Presents: where should i buy PC hardware?

Hi Again,  Lets Talk Hardware

Lindhardgaming here, with another post , this time I will talk about, where to buy your hardware,  as I am from Denmark myself, i will focus on shops/webshops, around the nordic countries.

So first things first, what should i look for when buying hardware for a new PC or just looking for upgrades, for the old machinery you have at home.
But both versions depends, what is your needs, what you wanna do with the PC, many people just go down, to the local shop say, I want i a new PC, and you might end up with either, paying to much, or too little according, to what your needs for the PC is, and this can be both, on laptop and desktop.


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Lindhardgaming presents: Where to buy your PC games.

Hi again

Where Should you buy your PC games?

Well i asked myself that question alot, what should my priorties be, when to find a place to buy games.

In this post i will tell what sites i use to buy them, and i will also show you a couple, of other sites, you could use to buy those games.

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