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Copenhagen X wing Birthday Bash

Copenhagen X-wing Birthday Bash So this weekend Saturday the 28th, Copenhagen X-wing had its 4 years birthday, which was celebrated with a tournament in Tåstrup Medborgerhus. This was a nice and relaxing tournament. Competitive but still very casual, i was … Læs resten

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New Years Mansions of Madness

Hi All     Mansions of Madness And a happy new year. Mansions of Madness new years eve horror gaming, and makes this new years eve, a bit different of what i use to do, well at least some of … Læs resten

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Lindhardgaming Presents: Where to Get domain names and web hosting.

Hey all Ever Considered Getting you own webpage ? This post contains advertising links which are marked with a * Web-Hosting site, That is what you need, and then you do not have to wait no more, in this post … Læs resten

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My Expectations for the Upcoming X wing CPH regionals.

HI all This weekend i will be going to the CPH regionals, which will be my 3rd regional since i started playing Star Wars X wing, and I am looking forward to it, there will be 63 or 64 players, … Læs resten

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Expectations for Star Wars: Rogue One

Hi All Under a week to go, are we looking forward to the premiere of Star Wars: Rogue One , i will be going on Friday the 16th together with fellow star wars fans, and i am looking forward to … Læs resten

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A Saturday with Boardgames, trying something new !

Hey to ya all. Boardgaming, Date December 3rd 2016, i was going to some friends, together with my Girlfriend, to play LOTR roleplaying game, based on the Dungeons and Dragons 5th edition ruleset. and all we did was make our … Læs resten

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Warhammer Fantasy RPG 3rd Edition, sad to see it go away :(

Hi All Welcome and lets talk about Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay 3rd edition, the roleplaying game that is going out of stock everywhere because of Fantasy Flight Games(FFG) right to produce the game is stopping, sadly in my oppinion.

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Welcome to Lindhardgaming’s Blog

Hey all And welcome to my blog site, where I will post blogs about gaming, roleplaying, boardgames and a lot lot more, i plan on doing blu ray reveiws and cinema reviews and a lot more stuff.  

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