About Lindhardgaming

I am a Danish guy, im 39 years old.

I have my work from 8:00 – 16:00 every day and i have the weekend off.

My passion is Roleplaying, boardgaming, and a lot lot more, i have started this projekt youtube a long time ago, but first got my first video up late this year, but now i am nearly at 100 videos, before i start this site, where i will keep you up to date with my videos and with blogs where i talk about roleplaying, boardgaming, computer games etc.

I make videos and stream when ever IRL allows it , and i will write when i have something to say, i am not a guy that from the start say i WILL post once or twice a week because atm where i am with my IRL i know i cant pull that off.

I will also want you to like what i write so i need to make sure i write and do it right before i post.

I have a tons of idea as a person on what to do here with videos streaming and blogging, its a whole new world for me.

And on this site i will Post Advertising links and i will mark these with a * unless other is noted in the speciofic post.