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    Mansion of Madness 2nd edition: Puzzle pictures

    Ever wondered, if there where a place to see those pictures in the puzzles of Mansion of madness. Well Look no further, I will not show you have to solve them as that is random from time to time. whenever you play the game. But here are the pictures from puzzles i have found so far. This page will be updated if i find more and if more are releases. This does not cover all the puzzles as the other types of puzzles does not have a standard solution, so you will have to figure those out by yourselves. Puzzle picture 1 Puzzle Picture 2 Puzzle Picture 3 Puzzle Picture…

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    Mansion Of Madness 2nd edition: Horrific Journeys Complete inventory list.

    This post contains advertising links which are marked with a * Complete inventory list for MoM 2nd Edition: Expansion Horrific Journeys The Horrific Journeys component list is a continuation of the list i made for the Core game of Mansion of Madness 2nd edition. As I felt i could not do the one without the other. So hopefully this will be just as big a success as the core game post.