Warhammer Fantasy RPG 3rd Edition, sad to see it go away :(

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Welcome and lets talk about Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay 3rd edition, the roleplaying game that is going out of stock everywhere because of Fantasy Flight Games(FFG) right to produce the game is stopping, sadly in my oppinion.


Why do i think this is sad ?

Well i think it is sad because it was a fun RPG to play, a bit difficult at first until you learn the basics of the game, but i think this game is as close as you come to a real life board game MMO, you have you cooldowns, your big bosses to fight you opportunity to evolve your hero, and so much more, when this is going out of stock everywhere we cannot get our hands on more stuff to this game, unless Games Workshop chooses to let the game continue at Fantasy Flight Games, but i think it will not happen.

this game is a very big and cumbersome game with alot, and i mean ALOT of cards to use in the game, this is a card and dice based game, and the cards is actually what action you take, what spell you cast etc. This is by far the most comprehensive roleplaying game in my oppinion to this date, yet it is fairly simple and uses some mechanics from other of the FFG Games.

What about characters are they comprehensive as well ?

Well regarding characters they are not so comprehensive as the game it self, i think the weight in this game is to be found in the action cards, the characters / Hero’s are fairly easy to make, it is a 6 step creation which will if you ofc have the steps besides you take around 10-20 mins for a person who have played it before and 30-45 mins for a new player, the steps are described very well in the rules, so start creating.

I will not walk you through this game in this Blog article but i will do that in my review later on. this december.

what will happen with this game ?

I personally will keep playing and keep trying to get my hold of every expansion and addition to this game, although it will be difficult, so note to self, go to nerd markets, try to find used and intact copies of these expansions and additions and buy them.

I also think this game sadly will be forgotten by many since it will be phased out, over the coming month or 2. But i will remember !

Beware of the Game review that i will post this December here i will go in depth as much as i can with this game with the expansions i have and also keep an eye out for my youtube channel where i will post unboxing video’s of the expansions and additions to this game.

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