A Saturday with Boardgames, trying something new !

Hey to ya all.

Boardgaming, Date December 3rd 2016, i was going to some friends, together with my Girlfriend, to play LOTR roleplaying game, based on the Dungeons and Dragons 5th edition ruleset.

and all we did was make our hero’s so they are ready to the campaign which we will start early next ¬†year, all of this was like ok, should we watch LOTR marathon or what did we want to do, because our GM did not really have anything planned, we was like ok lets just watch some movies.

But that did not happen we ended up playing some boardgames, which was fun AND cool, we started our with Pandemic the Cthulhu version, i really havent played so many boardgames in my life, other than Monopoly’s danish equivalent Matador, and ludo, and plain card games etc. so this was nice turnaround for the evening.


Pandemic: Cthulhu is basically a game saying close the demon portal’s before you wake up Cthulhu, while you slay cultist and demons around the board, and off course you wake up Cthulhu’s younger siblings like Hastur and others to make your way to your portal closing goal VERY hard, pretty fun and not a whole night game.

You people should really try this game i can only recommend it, and i actually are looking forward to play that again, and also i would like to try out the original Pandemic game just to see the difference.

So this was not the only game our friend found among is games, he also said, what could be a fun game to play and he found a little wooden box, and I thought what the hell is that, curious looking and read the title on the box, and it was a game called Halfing Feast


And i was like ok sounds fun and let the games begin, rules are simple and basic, eat more than your competition.
You got your food cards in the middle of the table and you draw card from another deck pile.
You start the game by randomly select your character for the game, you can get 1 of 6 different halflings, each with 2 special abilities.
Once that is done each player starts the game with 3 cards on his/hers Hand, and here the fun starts, you will need to eat food earn points to win the game, but the catch is, you can only eat so much, so you have a fullness meter that keeps track on how much you have eaten, and how much you CAN eat, but there is a solution when you are filled up, and that solution can be called going to the outhouse, or what about a mighty fart to release the pressure so you can eat more, and there you have the tone of the game, pretty fun, you can use cheat card to steal food or drink the potion of devouring to score points without getting full and prevent your competition from using cheats etc.

This game can ALSO be recommended, and i would give it 5 out of 5 stars if i handed out stars to games i talked about.

This was just a short post about a Saturday in my life, there will be more of these days and i will let you in on those too, see you in my next post.


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