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Welcome to this little walkthrough of the Mice and Mystic boardgame.

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Mice and Mystics

The front of the box from Mice and Mystic the board game

About Mice and Mystics

What you need to know. To start playing Mice and Mystics, is that this is a story driven somewhat, RPG based board game. where you can act out your inner heroic mouse. And save the fair maiden from the evil rats.
This is a game which actually starts, at a point where all of your Mice. Just have been transformed into, yes Mice.

Which brings them onto, their first adventure. In this amazing board game for ages 7 and above. And many other adventures, but before we will have a look, at how to play the game. Let me tell you about, what is in the game box, once you open it.
Here you will find, some amazing miniatures, which is very good designed, and is very paintable, with one little, but anyway big BUT, they are made of such soft plastic that paint over time will fade away, and if you bend the miniatures, (yes they are flexible) the paint will crack, if you compare to other board games, like Mansion of Madness, where the miniatures are made from hard plastic, and is much easier to make paint stick onto.

But in my opinion, this is just a small negative thing. Because the other stuff in the box is quality supreme, the cardboard tiles, are very cool painted. And the motives are fun and cool designed.
And the general design, of the parts in the game box in Mice and Mystics. Are very good, and in the box you get the following.

  • Tiles for your playing Board
  • Miniatures, Your Mice and the Evil Monsters
  • Dices
  • Event cards (Standard and Difficult)
  • Search Cards
  • Initiative cards
  • Mouse character cards
  • Health Tokens
  • Cheese Tokens
  • The story advancement board

This can be upgraded with two expansions. (even three with The “sister” game Tail Feathers), where you will get more miniatures, new Mice to play, more tiles, and more adventure for your Mice to go on.

But now it is the time, you have been waiting for. How do you play this game, look below and read all about it.

Rules of Mice and Mystics.

To start playing Mice and Mystics, You will of course need to read the rules. And I will help you with the basics right here. First you will need to learn how the turn sequence function, what actions you can take as a mouse. And what actions an evil rat can take, when it is the monster fase. So let us take a look at what actions you can take.
A mouse can on its turn Make use its movement and take an action or the other way around, and how do you move around.

Every mouse has a move characteristic. Which is shown by a green mouse foot on our character sheet, in this example I have chosen Tilda the healer, And as you can see on the Card she has a move of 2, so I will roll a dice, and add the little number in the corner of the dice to her move characteristic, and let’s say it was a 2 on the dice, which then is enabling Tilda to move 4 spaces. This is how movement works for the Mice, The minions or monsters, move in a similar way, they will roll a dice, and then move the rolled number of spaces, as monsters don’t have a move characteristic.




A mouse can take the following Actions during its turn. Before or after it has moved.

  • Scurry
  • Search (you may only search once a round, and until you have been successful, and you are successful on a dice roll with a star.)
  • Share (trade action)
  • Equip (take on a suit of armor, grab a weapon etc. Does not count against inventory space)
  • Attack (Battle, melee or range and roll the dices)
  • Level Up (you can only do this if you pay 6 cheese tokens)

The rules a really this simple. Make and action and take a move or take a move and then an action.
And you will need to move the Minions also. But this is exactly the same as your mice, they got a move action and a battle action, they can of course not do any other actions like search, double move etc.

In My own opinion this game is easy to get started with. And of course you will need to be able to read and understand written English, to read the rules. I will not go deep analyzing on the rules, because I don’t want a complete write up of the rules here on my site, you can actually download the full set of rules on*.


The Setup

To start play the game you will need to setup the game board. By following the campaign rules in the campaign booklet. In this booklet you will find anything you will need to play the game campaign. What the starting setup for the scenario is, what monsters should start on the board, what special items is needed etc.

Example of some Tiles in the game:

Mice and Mystic Tiles

Tiles from Mice and Mystics

So the setup is simpler than the rules, because you don’t have to memorize them at the same amount as the core rule mechanics.
Once you have setup the starting Tile you are good to go, and take you Mice onwards to the adventure that waits in front of you.

So the setup is shot and effective, and fast because you just need to follow what the booklet says, which make this game easy to start easy to play.



Playing a game of Mice and Mystics

First take a look at the dice, you need to learn their symbols for optimal use.

Dices from Mice and Mystic

Dices from the Mice and Mystic game

  • The number is used for movement, and the start which can be on any logo symbolises a success on a search and a hit on other matters, this will be told to you in the campaign booklet if needed.
  • The bow and the stand alone sword, are hits on range and melee.
  • The Sword and Shield are defense, and also counts as a hit on attacks.
  • The cheese tells you, that you will recieve a cheese token, for your mouse whenever one or more is rolled, add the number of cheese token, equal to the number of cheeses rolled, this also apply for monsters, although here are the tokens placed on the minion wheel of badness.

During play you will of course move and take actions but also let us talk about “how” you move.
On you character sheet, you will see a little green foot and a number besides it you Move by rolling a dice and checking the little number in the upper left corner of the dice, you then add that to your movement stat, and that is how long your Mice if moving

Check out Tilde and look for the green foot on her sheet.

Tilda the Healer

Tilda A character from Mice and Mystics

And Lets talk about the other number

  • The red sword symbolise the number of attack dice Tilda Needs to roll to attack, this will be stacking with any quipoment and special rules she are able to get her hold on during play.
  • The shield is the number of dices rolled when defending against any forms of attack, again unless anything else is noted in on the monster or in the campaign book.
  • The yellow feather is Tildas Lore, which is the stat uses to cast magic, to make some of the special searches, in the game, amongst other things, this can be a usefull stat during a campaign.
  • The little Green foot is as written above her basic movement stat.

Every character also have their own special ability, which is noted on the character card, alongside with any starting equipment, your chosen mice may start the game with.
I learned, that you need to read those abilities, and learn them because you will need them, during the game, so be aware of them.

Conclusion of Mice and Mystic

In my oppinion this is a fun and great game. It is easy to go to, easy to get started, and once you learn the mechanics it is very very simple to play, just be sure to setup the right mood for the game, which will make it a lot more fun, maybe even put a little roleplaying into the game, talking and living your Mouse.


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