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Interview with Tom Tattersall




Is this your first tournament?


How many tournaments have you played ?

I’ve been playing competitively since the beginning of 2016. So I would say I’ve played at maybe 20 tournaments.


When did you start play?

I bought the core set sometime in 2014, played it twice with my wife, she didn’t like it, then it sat on my shelf and gathered dust. Fast forward to summer 2015 when I took it on holiday (sunny Wales in a caravan!!!) where myself and my cousin started playing… very casually! (didn’t get the rules, didn’t play with proper points, no upgrades, etc.)  We then decided to meet up once a month and play a game or two, we did this until around Christmas. This was when I got my wingman, Joel North (Green Squadron Rookie who runs the blog, It’sgettinghothinhere) into it. We saw in the new year facing my Soontir off against his Jake Farrell (Best. New Years. Ever!) Since then we’ve been playing in tournaments around the London area pretty frequently.


Why Did you wanna go to Yavin Open series ?

In May of this year, myself and Joel attended the London Regional at Warboar in Bromley. It was a long day and by game 6 I was exhausted but it was also probably the best tournament I’ve ever played in. I attribute that mostly to it’s size and the caliber of the players in attendance. Essentially, I want more of that! I didn’t get to attend Yavin this year due to work so I am definitely not missing out this time!


What are your expectations ?

I expect to come home with some sweet swag from winning Yavin, of course! However, if that doesn’t ‘quite’ come to pass, I also expect the following: a high level of competition, a huge amount of great people and a whole load of X-Wing! I’m also really looking forward to hanging out with fellow X-Wingers. Being a father and husband, I don’t generally get a chance to stick around after tournaments, it’s usually a case of, listen to the rankings, grab the participation prize, then run to the car park.

Any thought on your list at yavin yet?

Well, currently, I’m having a lot of fun with VI/Hotshot Copilot RAC and an ace (currently Vader) but we’ll see how that goes in the next few months. It’s the list I’m practicing for regionals HOWEVER I’m not sure how relying on high PS will fare when wave X arrives. (Kylo will be VERY annoying!) Still… knowing FFG, maybe wave X won’t be out until after Yavin! Am I right?


What Meta do you think will be at Yavin?

Well, I can only comment on what we know now but Defenders are always going to be a solid shout, with or without Palp. Falcons will probably be out in force, Rey especially. I also don’t think Fangaroo is going anywhere. Quite honestly, I’m pulling at straws and I’m excited to see what we’ll all be up against in 3 months time!


Any players you look up to?

Massive shout out to the 186th guys. They are always helpful, friendly and good sports! I’ve been across the table from a fair few of them and they have all upheld that reputation.

I’ve had the pleasure of playing James Dowdall a few times in tournaments and thoroughly enjoyed being trounced each time. I’ve met Oli Pocknell on Vassal a couple of times and he spent half an hour after one of our games, talking me through my opening and how to improve it (it really helped!) Finally, ever since beating me at the Warboar regional, Jesper Hills, our previous national champion has consistently been a great help (many facebook messages discussing matchups, mechanics, etc.) and all round great guy. As players and community members I look up to all the 186th!


And good luck at Yavin.


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here (http://midtablexwing.blogspot.co.uk) and if you’d like to read about the regional and my matches against James and Jesper, go here (http://midtablexwing.blogspot.co.uk/2016/05/regionals-warboar-bromley-21-05-16.html)


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