Xwing Yavin Open expectations Duncan Blagrove


Duncan Blagrove

Is this your first tournament?

For X wing yes! But I have been to a few Warhammer 40k events previously.

How many tournaments have you played ?

For 40k about 4 or 5 including the 2016 GT season where I managed to qualify for the final but my placing in the end was way, Way out of the top ten!

When did you start play?

My 1st game of xwing was on the floor of My Girlfriend’s Flat in 2012 (were now married!). A friend came over and brought the 1st starter set. We then played together through waves 1-3 and after that the popularity grew, we began playing a bit more often with other players at My local gaming club in Oxford. I then began to play more 40k and missed waves 7-9 and have now returned to the game after getting bored of the state of 40k and cannot be happier the game is so great right now and with World’s this year having all three factions in the top 4 shows there is a meta but it’s not 2 or 3 lists only. Even the Dengaro lists were not a mirror! It is a great credit to FFG and just goes to show how balanced it can be, I mean Fat Han and Jake in the top 16 WTF!!!!!  That just shows lots of older ships are still relevant.

Why Did you wanna go to Yavin Open series ?

It is a weekend I have free (I have a 12 year old Son who stays with me at weekends so time with the family is really important ) and I do have a competitive streak that says why not get involved at the highest level. The best way to learn is fly against guys better and more experienced than yourself. I was also attracted by the prize support and mat available for the Admiral ticket which seemed great value! I am also excited that they have a big hangar bay planned for those who drop out of the cut so you still get to be around and feel the atmosphere the top 32 onwards while playing pew pew spaceships!

What are your expectations ?

My hope is for top half and if I was to make the cut that would be amazing but I have realistic expectations as I am very rusty after such a log break from the game!

Any thought on your list at yavin yet?

Not really I tend to fly Rebels and love large base shops so I have been looking at Rey or Ghost builds but finding a good second wing man that can stand up to mind link and Dengaroo is hard as I only get to play about 1 game a week! I am also keen to try the Dark side and think a good Palp Ace’s list with a defender and maybe a new Tie Striker might work but I need wave 10 to be pit so I can fly a bit!

What Meta do you think will be at Yavin?

Not a clue! People are still working out the best bits from HOtR and with wave 10 on the horizon it could really go anywhere!  Kylo Ren palp Upsilon anyone!!!!!

What are your thoughts on the new Tournament structure from FFG (if played Long)

I am so green I have no idea but in the 40k scene there is no support from the game designers so every Tourney is completely different so at least with FFG supported events there is a clear set of guidelines so we all know what to expect!

Any players you look up to ?

I listen to loads of the podcasts and they are all great but I am so impressed with Paul Heaver and the way he managed to always play so well with a list that was not always the cut and paste top Meta list each time he won or it would have some twist you would not expect!  I just wish I could have that man’s ability to list build! Only Heaver could take his backup as nothing else looked that good to world’s and make the top 16!!!

And good luck at Yavin.

Thanks Ole and you! I look forward to meeting you and everyone else in the new year!!!

Np and i hope i can be there dunno at this point 🙂


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