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So my girlfriend and I plus a friend, chose to watch Angry Birds The movie Yesterday, and i was somewhat surprised at what it had to offer, and now the day after i have the Angry bird theme running around my head not leaving.

In the movie we follow our friend Red, who is a red bird who live alone on the beach, he is trying his best to do what he can to earn a living, but this is birds, so of course they lay eggs and red accidentally crashed into an egg, and is sentenced to anger management course, which he of course have to take, because the judge told him to do it, and he do not wanna break the law in the little cozy city.

He meets bomb, chuck and terence, and the teacher is matilda in this class for birds who need anger management, and Red denies that he is in need of it while the other 3 tried in their own fashion to convince him that this place is right for him.

later that same day after some exercises , Bomb blow up as you see in the game the black bird because he could nok take the yoga anymore kaboom , maybe that is what yoga is a trigger do different things in all beings, who knows.

when our friends and the in game enemy joins the birds, those green pigs arrive in a ship with technology never seen before in the bird home, and these pigs, sell themselves like someone who are in dire need of help, but apparently red do not think that they are what they say they are,

So Red and company are stealthy aboard the pigs boat to try and find something dirty on these pigs, and instead he finds ALOT of pigs on the boat.

He then tries to convince the other birds that these pigs arent good for this island, but no one will listen.

Instead he takes chuck and bomb and are trying to find the MIGHTY EAGLE, the symbol of heroism for all birds, and he is like a superstar like we know from ourselves. we need a hero sometimes, and this eagle are theirs.

So they start their journey to the top of the largest mountain in the island to find THE MIGHTY EAGLE, will they find him ?

I think you will need to see this film, as i cannot write so much more about it without revealing to much here, but it is definitely worth seeing, and if you need to get your hands on it and you live near Denmark you can buy it at

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