My Expectations for the Upcoming X wing CPH regionals.

HI all

This weekend i will be going to the CPH regionals, which will be my 3rd regional since i started playing Star Wars X wing, and I am looking forward to it, there will be 63 or 64 players, so it is basically full and sold out tournament, which is always the best way to play tournaments, IF there is a full house, which also mean your chances of meeting players you haven’t played before are bigger, which i really like.


I feel like i am still in a learning phase, when it comes to X wing, and i will probably never leave the learning phase, as i keep on learning from my mistakes in the game, at least that is what i dream about, my best results so far in tournaments here in denmark, is top 8 in a store championship and in a regional, so i know i can get there, i know i have it in me, but i tend to be too soft, once it matters.

But this time around i learned more since last tournament, and i will be playing a list i know , and a list i played before, although i have som new upgrades on both ships, but i flown the ships before.

My list for this tournament will be

Poe Dameron (PS9 version)

He will have the following upgrade cards.

Push The Limit
Pattern Analyzer
Black One

The Other ship in the list is

Dash Rendar

He will have the following upgrade cards.

Lone Wolf
Heavy Laser Cannon
Mercenary Copilot
Engine Upgrade

That is all 100 Points used for this list, and i got a good feel about this, and i will go into the tournament with an open mind, a faith in that i can win some games with this list, i know it is going to be difficult, and of course i want to win, but basically are we all not there just to have fun ?


I know a lot of the guys showing up at this tournament, and they are all VERY good players and on top of that they are Nice friendly people to be around, which is good since we are going to be together in close quarters two whole days, with 6 rounds swiss on day one and top cut and a side event (escalation Tourny) on Sunday. gonna be a fun weekend.

So you guys need to cheer for my and cross your fingers, i hope the best

Thank you for reading. See you next Post !Facebooktwitter

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