Easy to learn Card games/boardgames

Card games. I just sat down and was thinking about, a couple of games that where easy to learn for you and your friends, either just for killing time with a new game or for travelling. Games that dont takes up a lot of space in the bags. So you can have them in your handbaggage for a longer flight or up on the deck when sailing and so on.

The games i will be talking about in this Post will be the following games.

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If you live in Denmark you can Buy the games here.*

Deathwish:  A cardgame for 2-8 players at age 15+

Unstable Unicorns: Another cardgame this is for 2-8 Players age 14+

Exploding Kittens: yet another cardgame which is for, 2-5 players and age 7+



Games Mini Review:

Lets start here by talking about these game one after the other, to let you know more about them.


*Buy the Game here at Amazon.co.uk

This Is a game where you need to get diseases to win. You will need 6-12 skulls to win in total to be the winner of this game. It take approximately 30 mins to play a full game. So this is easy to play and don’t take alot of your time. If you  are on a flight or on a train, even in a bus.

With diseases like Elbowia and Itschyballosis, and an Assma epidemic, you should be aware of the terms in this game are not real. But instead Very very funny. And you should be afraid of symtoms like Fear of Pretzles and Excess Earwax are just 2 of the many many symtoms included in this fun little game.

So gather your friends and play this fun little game and make sure to get the most diseases and fast, Before your friends get sick.



Unstable Unicorns:

*Unstable unicorn at Amazon.co.uk

 This is another little card game, where you have to build your unicorn army where you will need 6 – 7 unicorns to win the game dependent on how many players you are.

This is a game that requires 2-8 players and they even made special rules if you only are 2 players, these rules can be found at the unstable unicorn own website.

You will play your unicorns to your stable and then try to prevent your opponent playing their unicorns to their stable, it is a race to 6 or 7 unicorns, and i tried this alot and it is not so easy as one might think to get 6 or 7 unicorns in your stable. When all your friends is trying to prevent you from doing it so they can win for themselves.

You could spice this game up by buyiong the expansions but beware some of them is NSFW. But still quite funny to use and play with.




Exploding Kittens:

*Buy here at Amazon.co.uk

A little quick paced cardgame, that is extremely easy to learn. The other two game mantions are VERY easy to learn. But this game is easier. you basically just play a card and daw a card as simple as that. But there is other rules but that is the basic of it. You will play a card in your turn, and end your turn by drawing a card. If you draw an exploding kitten you are out.

There is not enough exploding kitten for all. so the player who did not explode is the winner. You can make this game very strategic. As there is card to play to  prevent ytourself from taking a turn. To force your opponents to take a turn and so on.

So go try to make your friend blow up. it is a very fun little game this.

Traveling with these games:

On a last side note to this post, i can tell you that all of these games are practically as they dont take up a lot of room in your bag, and they dont weigh in, more than maybe 0.5 – 1 kg at the most. And that is a high number for these boxes.

So enjoy these game, go buy them at amazon if you are not from denmark or buy them from Dragons Lair, link at the top (if they dont have the game contact them and im sure they can help you anyways)

Same goes for the next link here.*


My Copenhagen System Open Writeup.

The Tournament.

This Tournament I have been looking forward to for quite some tiome, actually been looking forward to it from when it was announced. Last Time it was on Danish ground i was attending also and that was in 2016 i think. when it was called System open Naboo.

But these tournaments are a great gathering of som of the best players from Denmark and other european countries. And are held i many different countries. Not only in Denmark. you can check out the list of venues all over the world right HERE.

The List.

The list i was flying in the 3 rounds of the main tournament i was attending was the following 100 Pts.



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Star Wars X-wing miniatures Copenhagen Regional Writeup.

Ok, so i joined in on the Copenhagen Regional tournament. In Star wars x-wing miniature game. And i was thinking. Should i go for a top tier list. But then again I thought why not just make a fun list. And see what it can do. and so i did. With a scum list And this is my Regional story.

Buy X-wing here.

Buy your X-wing in Denmark Here


The List

Well first off i really screwed up when making my list, at least I feel like i screwed up but here is the List.






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Star Wars X-wing Nordics tournament. My writeup

Welcome to the Nordics.

This is the biggest tournament on Danish ground this year, when it comes to X-wing, and i probably think it is the Biggest in the Nordics as well. If you take out X-wing i think you had over 100 participants. So it was a large scale tournament. 2 x 6 rounds of X-wing shared over 2 days, and the top 8 from each day. Went on to the top 16 Matches played on sunday.

The tournament was officially sponsered by Faraos Cigarer.

Faraos Cigarer games, RPG and more.

Faraos Cigarer games, RPG, and more.


What did i play at the Nordics.

At the Nordics. I chose to play with Dash and 2x TLT Y-wings in the following Build.

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Nordics is coming to Denmark, Am i Prepared or not?

My preparations for Nordic.

This year. I am finally going to the nordics. I missed it the first time. it were in Denmark due to a birthday. Since then it has been overseas in Sweden. And that i could not afford it at the time. Sadly i really wanted to go.

This year. I bought a ticket early. For the Friday Session of the tournament. And took the day off from work. So i could prepare with a calm mind. Finding out the list i will fly and so on.

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Faraos Copenhagen Store Championship Dash and Miranda Write up.

So Dash and Miranda. The date is Saturday the 29th. of July i went to one of the copenhagen store championships, which where held in Tåstrup in a Culture building called Kulturhuset. Where there are room for us X-wingers.

Copenhagen Shop.

Faraos Cigarer Shop in Copenhagen

What did you play?

And you can read all about my expectations and my list right here.!


But let me first say before I start with the round writeup this was one of the Store Championships i Played in with one of THE most exciting matches. But more on that later in this post.

This is also one of the better venues for Store Championship in the area. and i must say, Some X-wing players tend to forget things. And maybe break a peg or two. Which is where i come in handy. And i borrow stuff out and just a Shout Out to people borrowing things i never experienced such honesty i actually never NOT got my stuff back, so im happy with the community as it is now. And hopefully it will continue the same way for years.

Ok. But now for the real deal. the writeup.

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Store Championship Preview, what will i expect Saturday July 29th.

Faraos is the Store Championship shop.

What list will i bring to Faraos Store Championship

Things has changed, Wave 11 is out. But i am still going to hold steadfast in a variation of my list from the last Store Championship. Where i managed to finish in top 6 of the day.


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Star wars X-wing miniatures game. Wave 11 has arrived. thoughts from a community.

Dragons Lair

Dragons Lair. Ligger i Odense og Aarhus

 The Arrival of wave 11

Now it has arrived, Wave 11. And already we are seeing people in the danish community geeking lists, talking about list beeing played over there en the big USA. and other places. Where the Wave arrived earlier.

What can we expect from this wave. is it dangerous to the meta as it is now. And when im asking this. I am thinking of the danish community. Where we even in our small country have differents in meta from Zealand to jutland.

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