Star Wars X-wing Nordics tournament. My writeup

Welcome to the Nordics.

This is the biggest tournament on Danish ground this year, when it comes to X-wing, and i probably think it is the Biggest in the Nordics as well. If you take out X-wing i think you had over 100 participants. So it was a large scale tournament. 2 x 6 rounds of X-wing shared over 2 days, and the top 8 from each day. Went on to the top 16 Matches played on sunday.

The tournament was officially sponsered by Faraos Cigarer.

Faraos Cigarer games, RPG and more.

Faraos Cigarer games, RPG, and more.


What did i play at the Nordics.

At the Nordics. I chose to play with Dash and 2x TLT Y-wings in the following Build.


There is nothing more to it really. This was recommended from a fellow X-winger. Who thought that I should try to play this list. As he thought it was fitting for my playing style.

The aggresive/defensive combo style where I cant find out what to do. This list is both ways. And can be played both ways. And i actually liked to play it.



what did i expect when i arrived.

Well My expectation is covered in a previous post right HERE. But i will ofcourse also talk a bit about them here. Because they might have cahnged a bit the closer I got to the nordics. And people where saying that i could do it. And that was a great pad on the back. That some people actually thought i could do well. In this tournament. And so my expectation rose to a hope that i would make the cut. But still without the i know i will make it. But only a HOPE.

My matches at Nordics 2017.

Round 1:

First round i was up against Paul Bridge. A cool guy which fielded 3 Auzituck gunship’s. And they where equipped with the following:

Wookiee Liberator: Predator, Breach Specialist, Tactician, Vectored Thrusters.

Wookiee Liberator; Predator, Breach Specialist, Tactician, Vectored Thrusters. 

Lowhhrick: Lightning Reflexes, Breach Specialist, Rey.

I started out slowly. to build up Focus on rey. So i could take it easy a bit later in the game, focusing on using barrel rolls and target lock. I knew how to fly Dash. But the Y-wing i actually only had flown 2 or 3 times. Since i started playing this game. So this first match against wookies which got that damn Reinforce. Is just a pain to get down. But i managed to bring them down. I lost my Y- wings and half a Dash. But i did manage to win this first match of Flight 1 Friday.

1-0 after round 1



Round 2:

Here I was matched up against another cool Danish guy. Jacob Nielsen. Who played the following setup with.  Biggs, Miranda and Lowhhrick with the following upgrades:

Miranda: TLT, Concussion Missiles, Bomlet generators, Sabine wren, Long Range Scanners.

Biggs: Integrated Astromech And R4-D6

Lowhhrick: Selflessness, Wookie Commandos

This match was actually quite even. I we exchanged a lot of shots with green dices which we could not have asked for anything better. But i was a bit behind the whole game. But i did manage to get biggs out of the way as far as i remember. this is a match where I actually cant remember so much detail from. Other than i lost my last ship in the very last minute. The very last shooting phase in the match. Just before time was called. So ended with a loss here sadly. But i did well.

1-1 after round 2

Round 3:

This round i was up against Kim Reynolds and his Nym/Miranda list. I have met him in the last 2 tournaments i participated in. And i lost both os those matched. So i knew i was in for a hard time when this match started at the nordics 2017. His List was the following:

Captain Nym: Veteran Instincs, Cruise Missiles, TLT, Havoc, Bomblet Generator, Engine Upgrade, Genius and Accuracy Corrector.

Miranda: TLT, Extra Munitions, Sabine Wren, Cluster Mines, Ion Bombs, Advanced SLAM.

So this game started out very slowly from my part. but picked up pace once we got closer to each other. i was afraid of his bombs and the list in general. because of the 2 former defeats. But i was surprised. Kim did not play like used to. To be honest i was not playing well. he had fun and maybe he played this list too much. And this resulted in a win for me. did win this match 100 – 0 as far as i remember. (Kim may correct me if it is wrong).

2-1 after round 3



Round 4:

This was a meeting i did not want. against another danish player. Kasper Scharling. one hell of an X.wing player. a cool person. But damn i dont like playing him. and then on stream. which you actually can see the video from right HERE.

Kasper played the following:

Fenn Rau: Attanni Mindlink, Concord Dawn Protector, and Autothrusters.

Asajj Ventress: Attanni mindlink, Latts Razzi and Burnout Slam

Contracted Scout: Intelligence Agent and Attanni Mindlink

This game i tried to start slowly. But here i was out matched. i must say i am not proud of the way i played this match. So many thing I could have done different. But i still enjoyed my first game on a stream though. there is not much to tell other than . If only i had charged Fenn from the start i might have caught Kasper by Surprise. But a clear and scure win for him and a 0-100 loss to me.

2-2 after round 4

Round 5:

Here in round 5 I did run into Bugge Lützhøft and his 3 Auzituck Gunships. which was my second time to run into this kind of list. This was a bit different from the one i met in round 1 agains Paul Bridge. But still basically the same. and still ofcourse with annoying reinforce action.

Bugge Played the following:

Wookie Liberator: Expertise, Breach Specialist and C3po.

Wookie Liberator: Expertise, Breach Specialist and Tactician.

Wookie Liberator: Expertise, Breach Specialist and Tactician.


This was cool match. I had fun in this match. And i hope that Bugge also had fun here. This was a long fight and did nearly go full time as far as i remember. but we got a few good combat rounds where we exchanged a lot of shots. and we got one ship each. and was playing Dash very well here and used the TLT good on my Y-wings. but still lost ships and half a Dash in the end. But i did win the match 100-74 if i remember correctly.

3-2 after round 5



Round 6:

It was the last round of the day at the nordics. And i med a guy called Patrik Engberg. And he fielded a 3 ship list as so many of us are doing these days. But this marked also the first imperial List i have met all day.

He fielded the following:

Quickdraw: Veteran Instincts, Fire-Control System, Cruise Missiles, Special Ops Training and finally. Guidance Chips.

Darth Vader: TIE/x1, Cruise Missiles, Veteran Instincts, Guidance Chips and also Advanced Targeting Computer.

The inquisitor: Veteran Instincts, Cruise Missiles, TIE/v1 and finally. Guidance Chips.

So this list i said to myself from the start. DONT let him use those Cruise Missiles. But apparently my head. And my hands did not agree. so Dash push forward. let him take the shots from his Cruise Missiles. and be stupid brain. he planted 10 Hits from cruise Missiles I evade some. so dash was still alive after the attck. But i was then stupid enough to fire back at Quickdraw. which then fires again and kills Dash. Still first round of combat. So i was like meh.! fantastic. oh well dash did get some damage in on quickdraw. Before he died. From the retaliation.

And TLT’s did finish off quickdraw. BUT he won the match there. i could not outmaneuver him with Y-wings. so the result was him winning. although could have been a bit different as i got 8 shots in on a Inquisitor with only 1 hit left. but could not kill him. Sadly. That might could have turned the tide and Maybe i could have gotten a win in the end.

3-3 after round 6.



The Conclusion to my Nordics

The conclusion is 3-3 is for me a fairly good result i won 3 games, one of them was against a later top 16 player. And 2 of the lost games where also against players who reached top 16 in the end. So i am bit proud of my self. I can do better and i will need more practice. But considering it was my first time flying the list i was glad it went as it did. Now i can start practice with the list. Because i really did like to fly it.

And the idea in the big tournaments. With side events is great, you can then play a little casual, while following the final rounds of the tournament, and see how the top cut players are doing.

See you next Time i think my next big tournament will be CPH regionals in December.

May The Force Be with you…. Always.




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