Star Wars X-wing miniatures Copenhagen Regional Writeup.

Ok, so i joined in on the Copenhagen Regional tournament. In Star wars x-wing miniature game. And i was thinking. Should i go for a top tier list. But then again I thought why not just make a fun list. And see what it can do. and so i did. With a scum list And this is my Regional story.

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The List

Well first off i really screwed up when making my list, at least I feel like i screwed up but here is the List.












This was the list. And if you have not figured out the error yet, then i can tell you that imo and some other opinions i should not have taken the Harpoon missiles in this list. I should have given Thweek Virago and Fire control system which might have been better. and once you read about my matches you will understand.

Round 1: Scum Vs Imperials

In this first round match. I was up against Kylo Ren Shuttle, Omega leader, and a Sienar Speciealist.

And it was a really really close match with alot of evades a lot of hits. But we could not get the kills on anyone in this matchup. I started out by flying up the sides and him on the other side and we met up in the middle of the board, and started shooting but nothing would hit. He hit my ships a little and i hit his ships a little. but in the end the Match went Full time. I managed to take Kylo ren to half point meaning 19 point for . And i am Sad that Fenn Rau had a Range one shot on the Sienar Specialist with 1 or 2 hull left. I missed the shot with 5 dices rolling 4 blanks and a hit. This was my start of the day. I felt like baah.

But hey i had fun in this Close first match.

Win 19-0



Round 2: Scum Vs Rebels

In this round 2 i met a standard Dash/poe and here i was in over my Head, even with Poes ability on Thweek I could not do anything. There is not much to talk about. I was used to mop the floor, he just made my ships burn very fast, i think the match was over in under 40 mins.

This was a clear loss.

Loss 0-100

Round 3: Scum Vs Rebels

This was another semi close encounter which went nearly full time i think this was over within 50 – 60 mins.
But the match was fun actually. If my memory serves me right. I took kanans pilot ability this match. And i actually got to use it 3-4 times during the match. Which was awesome and saved me those times. But as the match went on i was “sadly ” my usual self, way to aggressive in my playing style and i could see that i went to a clear loss, even when i killed kanan i was still needed to take care of a Chewbacca in the YT-1300 at full health and shields with 1 ship to go. I

So this match endedwith me loosing.

Loss 44 – 100



Round 4: Scum vs Scum

Here i was facing a scum list, a list i may have underestimated, or a round where i just played like blaah, This was bad for me i met 2x Lok Revenant and 1x jakku gunrunner. And this was where my memory served me very bad. As i could not remember the SpacetugTractor array upgrade on gunrunner where he can use Tractor team to toss me around. So i was not aware of that during basically until he did it midgame.

I got a few shots in on the gunrunner. but that did not help me much i flew like a jello and only managed to shoot down his Jakku Dude. so 22 points for me.

Loss 22 – 100

Round 5: Scum Vs Rebels

Here i was again facing off against rebels, here it was a hard matchup for me, against Nora in her Arc-170 and Rey in The Falcon. With Kanan and ofcourse Finn on board. This was a match against a guy which i have many matches with. And some kind of casual competition within the competition. So i was looking forward to this matchup. And it started as far as i remember nice and easy. we exchanged shots in the early game and then the game picked up Pace.

Where is shot down my ships one after another. Primarily because i was way to aggressive. With my playing style. With this List. but i am hopefull that I will learn to play this list in the future because i think my list is fun.

But nevertheless i could not do anything late game where i ended up killing rey, but with one ship against a fully shielded and fully health Norra Wexly with R2-D2 i could not do so much sadly. i lost again.

Loss 59 – 100



Round 6: Scum Vs Rebels

In this 6th and final round i ran into another cool guy from Denmark. So this was a local Showdown. We have played eachother numerous times. With Losses and Wins on both sides. He wiped the floow with me in a store championship, and we played equally at the Nordics (if my memory serves me correctly) and then we met now at the regionals he fielded a 3 ship list. With Wedge, Lowhhrick and an wookie liberator. I have heard so much about these auzituck list. so i maybe have feared it a little to much.

I went into the game with a high chin. And hoped to win. And from the start the pace of the game suited me. And i liked where it went. Last game of the night and we where also on stream. And the game actually went fast. He got my Talonbane Cobra and taht was it.

I was Proud of myself. That i actually could win a game again. the list i played needs some tweaking, Because it is fun and hard hitting. And i just needs to play it some more to get the fully hang of it.

This was a win

Win: 100 – 38


This was a fun tournament to play in as well as every other tournaments. I love playing this game. And i went home glad and with a price on sundays Escalation for the wooden spoon last place. Where i Won a New phantom II expansion. Which i sadly got. But who knows, i heard Rumours of a giveaway ? you heard it too ?

I have unboxed the Phantom II here.



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