My Copenhagen System Open Writeup.

The Tournament.

This Tournament I have been looking forward to for quite some tiome, actually been looking forward to it from when it was announced. Last Time it was on Danish ground i was attending also and that was in 2016 i think. when it was called System open Naboo.

But these tournaments are a great gathering of som of the best players from Denmark and other european countries. And are held i many different countries. Not only in Denmark. you can check out the list of venues all over the world right HERE.

The List.

The list i was flying in the 3 rounds of the main tournament i was attending was the following 100 Pts.



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Star Wars X-wing miniatures Copenhagen Regional Writeup.

Ok, so i joined in on the Copenhagen Regional tournament. In Star wars x-wing miniature game. And i was thinking. Should i go for a top tier list. But then again I thought why not just make a fun list. And see what it can do. and so i did. With a scum list And this is my Regional story.

Buy X-wing here.

Buy your X-wing in Denmark Here


The List

Well first off i really screwed up when making my list, at least I feel like i screwed up but here is the List.






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Star Wars X-wing Nordics tournament. My writeup

Welcome to the Nordics.

This is the biggest tournament on Danish ground this year, when it comes to X-wing, and i probably think it is the Biggest in the Nordics as well. If you take out X-wing i think you had over 100 participants. So it was a large scale tournament. 2 x 6 rounds of X-wing shared over 2 days, and the top 8 from each day. Went on to the top 16 Matches played on sunday.

The tournament was officially sponsered by Faraos Cigarer.

Faraos Cigarer games, RPG and more.

Faraos Cigarer games, RPG, and more.


What did i play at the Nordics.

At the Nordics. I chose to play with Dash and 2x TLT Y-wings in the following Build.

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Nordics is coming to Denmark, Am i Prepared or not?

My preparations for Nordic.

This year. I am finally going to the nordics. I missed it the first time. it were in Denmark due to a birthday. Since then it has been overseas in Sweden. And that i could not afford it at the time. Sadly i really wanted to go.

This year. I bought a ticket early. For the Friday Session of the tournament. And took the day off from work. So i could prepare with a calm mind. Finding out the list i will fly and so on.

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Faraos Copenhagen Store Championship Dash and Miranda Write up.

So Dash and Miranda. The date is Saturday the 29th. of July i went to one of the copenhagen store championships, which where held in Tåstrup in a Culture building called Kulturhuset. Where there are room for us X-wingers.

Copenhagen Shop.

Faraos Cigarer Shop in Copenhagen

What did you play?

And you can read all about my expectations and my list right here.!


But let me first say before I start with the round writeup this was one of the Store Championships i Played in with one of THE most exciting matches. But more on that later in this post.

This is also one of the better venues for Store Championship in the area. and i must say, Some X-wing players tend to forget things. And maybe break a peg or two. Which is where i come in handy. And i borrow stuff out and just a Shout Out to people borrowing things i never experienced such honesty i actually never NOT got my stuff back, so im happy with the community as it is now. And hopefully it will continue the same way for years.

Ok. But now for the real deal. the writeup.

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Store Championship Preview, what will i expect Saturday July 29th.

Faraos is the Store Championship shop.

What list will i bring to Faraos Store Championship

Things has changed, Wave 11 is out. But i am still going to hold steadfast in a variation of my list from the last Store Championship. Where i managed to finish in top 6 of the day.


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Star wars X-wing miniatures game. Wave 11 has arrived. thoughts from a community.

Dragons Lair

Dragons Lair. Ligger i Odense og Aarhus

 The Arrival of wave 11

Now it has arrived, Wave 11. And already we are seeing people in the danish community geeking lists, talking about list beeing played over there en the big USA. and other places. Where the Wave arrived earlier.

What can we expect from this wave. is it dangerous to the meta as it is now. And when im asking this. I am thinking of the danish community. Where we even in our small country have differents in meta from Zealand to jutland.

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Fanatic Store Championship Roskilde Dash and Miranda Vs Scum

I was going to the Fanatic Store Championship in Star wars X-wing miniature game. With Dash and Miranda. And as i said to myself, a good succes would be to win a couple of games, and a great succes would be ending in top 8 to get those nice Range ruler for distance the Orange one.

Star wars X wing miniatures.

Køb X wing Her

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Star Wars x-wing miniatures regional in Odense

X-wing regional was a learning curve

The arrival for the x-wing regional in Odense

ok so i got to my 3rd regional in my x-wing history, and we made it a roadtrip, me and my girlfriend Lise and our friends Henrik and Vince, Me and Henrik was going to participate and Vince and Lise was there for support, and only for support , as we told Vince, but we was just arrived when he offered to help the TO , who only To’ed his 2nd Tournament, but it was in my oppinion a well run tournament, with some flaws but we all started somewhere.

and before we talk about my matches remember my list from my former post right here.

My Matches in the x-wing regional round 1.

Round 1 was Against Lars Misimi and a Attanni Mindlink List, not the 100% classical one he had, a Heavy Scyk tansari Point veteran with him, instead of Fenn Rau or Old Teroch.
He also had Plasma torps on manaroo with Extra Munitions and Guidance Chips, so i was in a tough match, for starters with my defender list, and what a fight, what a close fight, my defenders took a lot of beating, he took a lot of beating, it ended up being me who lost this game, but a close one it was, his Scyk had 1 Hull Left, Ventress and manaroo had 2 Hull point left, when the match was over, he killed of my last Defender about 2-3 minutes before, time was up for the round, so we both sat back, in the chairs and was like wow, what was that, it was a very stormfull match.

My Matches in the x-wing regional round 2.

Round 2 in the regionals was against Jacob westh a cool guy, as with 98% of the community, we got cool guys and girls who just like to play the game and have fun. Jacob Played a list with 2 VCX 100 and a y wing, all with Autoblaster turrets, which is very much Auch within range 1 of those things.
Potentially 2 hits, which cannot be saved each round, from each ship at range one, so my tactics, was ofc to keep away from range 1, which did not happen 100%, i ran into a lot of hits from that, and ofc, when i play things happen, so range one inside a front arc, of a VCX is 5 dices, straight into defenders, but this time, i felt lucky and was lucky, jacob did not hit very often, with those 5 dices during range 1 attacks, he hit more with the turrets on his ships, but it was again, a fight which almost went full time.

Learning from round 2

And it was me, who took the win in the end, and i need to learn, to keep distance and learn, more proberly arc dodging. when i get that, into my playbook, i think i can do better, and ofc loose less ships and points in the future.



My Matches in the x-wing regional round 3.

Round 3, against Claus Staal was the third round match, this was a hard matchup for me. I havent yet, got the hang of my defenders 100%, and i know Claus, is a VERY good player, i played him once before and lost, and this time, was no different, he played a textbook match, with his mindlink list, with Old Teroch in the Protectorate fighter, and i lost the match, it was not a close match, but still it nearly, did go full time yet again, this was just because, of those damn defenders i played, they can take so much beating, that it is just incredible, they keep getting evades and focus, they got 3 defence dice, which is very good.

End of round 3.

so my Delta was last man standing until Claus could take it out, but the delta should be proud with one hull left he managed to fend off all three ventress, manaroo and old teroch for one round, and in the round he died he saved the first shot with 3 evade one the dices.
But then it was Gone and Claus did win 100 to 0 and brought my total score to 1-2.



My Matches in the x-wing regional round 4.

Round 4 Brought me an opponent i have not played before, his name was Per Kring, who played list with Biggs the x-wing Favorite, Thane Kyrell in his Arc fighter and Miranda Doni in her k-wing, when i first read his list, right before we started setting up etc, my first thought was, this is a list which suited my defenders better, than those mindlink lists, and i did well in this match. And from the start, this was a close match , we traded a lot of shots during the match, and i mean, ALOT of shots, but none of us, could really hit, but i managed to get Biggs down first, then Thane, if i remember correctly. And i started out by loosing Ryad. And vessery and my Delta pilot started a hunt for victory

Impatience at the end.

In the end i was a bit impatient as i tried to hunt down Miranda in the Slamming k-wing, this was nearly impossible for me, and as one friend Told me afterwards what the Hell where you doing relax, fly away and regroup with a K turn to gain maneuverbility again, and get a better angle on Miranda, In the end before he could say anything to my ofc he cannot tell me what to do in a match, i did manage to get shots fired at the k-wing in the last turn of the match, and ofc he shot first with his TLT, and missed both shots, and i only got 1 faboulous hull point left at this point, and i managed to hit him for 1 damage instead of the 2 required for a kill. which brought me to a score of 2-2

My Matches in the x-wing regional round 5.

This round I got to face another player that i have not played before, in my x-wing carreer, so here at this regional i am now at 2 players that i have not met before that is kind of cool in my own oppinion.
Peter played another mindlink list, a classic list with Fenn Rau up front ofc with manaroo and ventress backing him up, and again what a long match, this is the last match, and to be honest, I cannot remember the whole sjabang here, i remember that Fenn Rau, was one of the first ships who were destroyed, by the defenders flown by me.
This is already from the start, a match that i said to myself would go full time, it was a match that was close, we both did well, but dices, dices, dices, I would say that dices was very much into this game, when things get heated the dices were not with peter.

End game round 5 in Odense regional

As said before this last match was also close, with alot of clustering during the game, which made it hard for ships to do anything, although i managed to wriggle the defenders out of it when it happened, once again i felt the annoyance of the “i remove your stress to take an evade” damn i hated this, at this point in the day, but i managed to get all his ships down in the end, to win a modified victory think it was 71 to 63 or something like that, i think we both could have played better. but this brought me at 3-2, and not enough to make the cut.



Conclusion to the Odense regional

This was a great experience, i learned alot, and i still have a lot to learn, including practicing, to not choke up during tournaments, and i think, the solution is actually simple, besides training matches, and playing more, and more and more all the time, i think i need to mentally train, for tournaments, and make myself a new mindset. but hey i just wanna have fuuun.

So thank you for reading see you in the next post.



Interview with Ian Courtney from Zombiesquadron About Yavin

Expectations for yavin Player pov



Is this your first tournament?

Well, Yavin will only be my second… of 2017. Currently it is dry January in terms of X wing tournaments so I will be a little cold in terms of tournament gaming going in, but I don’t feel that should be much of an issue.

How many tournaments have you played ?

As long as the wife does not read this by my count it stands at twenty of which I’ve won three (including a store championship), runner up twice and a third place. Of course that is sandwiched by a variety of middle of the road to abysmal performances which makes the better ones that much more enjoyable. The thing I love most about X-wing tournaments in general is that by and large they are one day events, (except the big ones), which makes getting the wife points to go and play in them so much easier.

Not forgetting to mention the fantastic playing community you encounter. For me although I like to try to win, it is also about playing X amount of games of your favourite hobby in one sitting and seeing where you come in a group of your fellow gamers.

When did you start play?

Approximately it was about July 1st 2014 two weeks after the birth of my daughter, child number two. My friend Simon had also just had his second one and had been contemplating trying X wing and suggested giving it a go as compared to our regular staple of Warhammer 40K it required no painting and less time and as it turned out, was more strategic with clear cut rules. We met up at a gaming club with a core set each, swapped a couple bags of children’s clothes, (both our second ones were the opposite sex to our first, “welcome to a world of pink” he said upon handing me a bag of girls clothes), and sat down and played a few games.

The following week I had acquired an interceptor, B-wing and Tie defender. And that was basically that. Two games of seventh edition 40K in the next two weeks put the writing on the wall and it has been X-wing all the way since. What I really enjoyed was learning a new system and trying to get better at the game. Simon had a much better grasp of it at the beginning which was a reverse of our 40K games and he regularly and consistently battered me at X-wing.

Why Did you wanna go to Yavin Open series ?

I really enjoyed the last one at the UK Games Expo. Initially I had penciled in the Expo weekend last year as it had been where they had run the UK Nationals previously. When Yavin was announced last year I just decided to still go as I had no idea when Nationals would be. As it transpired Nationals ended up being when I was on Holiday in August. What I liked about the format was that if you were eliminated on the Saturday there would still be some organized games to play in on the Sunday with the Hanger bay event which was fun.

Vince Kingston and his team did a very good job at running the event which still is the largest X-wing tournament attended in the World so far. Yavin this time around will only be 370 people compared to the 414 last time so it should be a bit easier for them.

The kudos in playing in the world’s largest X wing tournament really gripped me, even if it is in a strange foreign meta.

What are your expectations ?

My biggest mistake last time was not travelling up the day before. You can read all about it here, ( ) in full but the short version is not much sleep combined with a 5.30am drive time and copious amounts of coffee and cheap caffeine energy drinks is not a good combination for playing at one’s best.

As a player, especially one who likes high variance Imperial lists I often struggle to play my A game in every match at a tournament whether that is from outside influences like being kept up all night by small people or just taking my eye of the ball in a game.

My expectations from a competitive playing perspective after winning Yavin or making the top eight cut are realistically to either make the second day or narrowly miss out.

Above all to have a good time.

Any thought on your list at yavin yet?

I’m an Imperial player at heart and I am particularly fond of the Tie Phantom.  Seeing as Wave Ten looks like it is going to be legal for Yavin 2017 I have been trying Kylo Ren crew on Rear Admiral Chiraneau with Whisper with slightly mixed results. I’ve found its good against most things other than Paratanni where Vader crew would be more effective. Currently I am undecided on a wave ten list.

My fall back wave nine list is:

Spice World:

Whisper Tie Phantom: Veteran Instincts, Fire Control Systems, Agent kallus, Advanced Cloaking device

 3 X Black Squadron Tie Fighter: Crack Shot

Wampa Tie Fighter

100 points

It is not amazing against everything but also gives me a fighting chance against everything and I like flying it. Swarms made a bit of a comeback at the Polish regionals.

What Meta do you think will be at Yavin?

It is hard to say with wave ten dropping so close but it is likely that we will see familiar lists kitted out with new upgrade cards like Kylo Ren and Boshek. Regardless, if you want to compete at the sharp end then you need to be able to deal with Paratanni, Tie defenders, Palpatine builds, triple Imperial aces and Dengaroo as well as consider a plan for running into bomber builds, quad TLT, and large rebel ship lists like Ghosts and Rey in a Millennium Falcon. Due to the number of players, like last time expect to see a lot of variety of builds, some will be a little bit out of the box. Knowing how to play the list you are taking, even if it’s not what the internet or podcasts say is good, is key.

Jack Mooney’s run at worlds 2016 with Jake and Han Solo was a good example of flying what you know and flying it well.

What are your thoughts on the new Tournament structure from FFG (if played Long)

I’ve always liked the simplicity of the basic tournament structure and whilst the move to final salvo is slightly inelegant it is better than other options like partial points in terms of the game overall. I like that they have removed modified wins and draws.

In terms of the actual structure of tournaments with regards to round numbers and cuts, I feel that for the most part a cut is really only necessary for a major event like a store championship, Regional and so on. For small events like the quarterly kits standard Swiss round pairings would probably get more casual or new players taking part who might find the idea of a cut to be a bit elitist.

Having run tournaments in a number of game systems including X-Wing the repeat customer is the most important. Those players are not the few who compete at the top, it is those in the middle and lower ends of the rankings that make up the bulk of the player base. The majority of which would be far happier playing just five games of Swiss rounds at a casual smallish event rather than four rounds with a four player top cut which they will unlikely make.

Looking at the bigger tournaments, the graduated cut for large events like Yavin is quite sensible for the numbers although with Yavin the top cut is quite harsh if you want to make top eight. One player undefeated, three with one loss, (or a total of four on one loss) and seventeen with two defeats out of ten games.

Anyone making the cut or having only lost two games out of ten will have done very well.

Any players you look up to?

Having come from playing on the Warhamer 40K tournament scene for a long, long time it would be a rather easy question about 40K, as you would probably need but one hand to count it on, (that’s slightly unfair about 40K but you get my drift). Too answer this adequately about X-Wing would probably involve a long list of people for a whole plethora of reasons.

The X-wing tournament community in the UK and elsewhere is very welcoming and friendly. Part of it is down to, how the rules are clear cut, and how first World champion Doug Kinney’s Fly Casual ethos, was adopted worldwide but people playing the game still have to adopt those principals and live by it, which they do.

Living in the South East of the UK it would be amiss not to mention the 186th Squadron who play the game how I like games to be played, hard but fair. They have done a lot for the community and have recently set up a tournament listing site for the UK. A lot of my favourite games have been against players from the 186th. Having played against each other a few times in tournaments I have a lot of time for Jesper Hills our 2015 national champion who bore the mantle with such grace.

Of people I’ve not personally met or played I always find it’s worth listening to triple World Champion Paul Heaver on the Nova Squadron Podcast who has a great reading of the game and meta. I also have to take my hat off to Tom Reed who had a great run of form for winning both the Italian Open and Nationals last year and finishing top of Swiss at Worlds. Furthermore I find David Sutcliffe’s blog, Stay on the leader, (, very insightful and would recommend it to anyone of any playing level.

And good luck at Yavin.