Fanatic Store Championship Roskilde Dash and Miranda Vs Scum

I was going to the Fanatic Store Championship in Star wars X-wing miniature game. With Dash and Miranda. And as i said to myself, a good succes would be to win a couple of games, and a great succes would be ending in top 8 to get those nice Range ruler for distance the Orange one.

Star wars X wing miniatures.

Køb X wing Her

The List

But to compete i needed a list, and i ended up with the following.




This was my list, and i was at this point convinced that Action bombs was not needed, and before the event was started during registration i was confident, and set my goal high i wanted that orange range 3 ruler, which ment i need to go into top 8. And with this list i thought i would have a good shot at that. so i was ready, i was confident.



First Round Pairings. Dash of to a good start but not enough

This first round paired me up with a guy called Kasper Scharling whom i played against as far as my memory serves me one time before. and i played a classical Parratani list, so i had my work cut out, as i recently finished 2nd in the store championship before this.

It took a good 3-4 round before our first contact, where Dash got good at shooting in the start laying out 4 hits on the first 2-3 rounds of firing, which gave him a good incoming damage on ventress, which i quickly got down through shields and started the real damage on her, but i could not finish the job.

Meanwhile, Fenn Rau had been moving in the outskirts and swung in for a good beating of Dash, and so he did, Dash was the first ship to go down, and while miranda did not really do anything beside putting a few hits on manaroo and ventress she was not much into this battle, and i could not find a suitable spot to toss the on reveal bombs i had.

But I Lost Dash first, and i was lucky with ventress and got her down in the end, she survived 3-4 rounds with just one hull, that i could not get down, but i got her, and i got manaroo down to half as i remember. It was all in all a good game.

Second round Pairings.

In the second round I was paired with. Bo engbirk who fielded 2 contracted scouts fully loaded and they where assisted by Fenn Rau, so 2 scum lists in a row. my luck, or maybe just my nemisis those scum lists.

But i went into it thinking i need to win this to get my 2 wins succes rate this day, so we started and this was kind of a waiting game. As i was going down one side he started in the other side of the board. But after a while i found myself in the far corner , locked with Miranda bumping those to scouts, which did that miranda could not get free and get he bombs off, i tried with an ion bomb to make sure the bumped one would go straight 1 forward, but then he just bumped with the other.

So Miranda got done very fast. I just brainfarted my way through this matchup, nothing i did was correct, and i forgot Rey totally on Dash so i never saved anything up on her. Bad thing when you have her on your ship. But i needed to see if Dash could turn it around. But with Fenn Rau on his Heels there was not much he could do. So Dash got killed of as the last of my ships. So that concludes my second loss of the day.

Sad little guy i was. This really demotivated me and i was like ok rest of the matches just need to be fun. And see where that takes me.



Round Three Pairings. Lucky me, Dash got bombed

Here en round 3. I was like ok i just wanted to have fun, if I won ok. If I lost ok, fair enough. I am not better than that. And my opponent is actually the Brother of Bo i met in round 2 Søren Engbirk, and yet again a scum list, and a paratanni classical mindlink list. So how do i do this.

Well i started Opposite corner of him. And just started slowly moving up. I wanted as many focus tokens on Rey as possible. Before joining the frey and shooting against him. I just waited out.

And apparently it payed off, because i got in front in round 4 of the game. in round 3 ventress made a bank 1 towards the edge. And i then thought he could be there with a hard 3 turn to get around. But he sadly could not and flew Ventress off the board. And that opened the game up for me. I became confident, that i could win this match.

And so the match went forward. And manaroo was actually quite easy target for Dash with range. And miranda with a turret Primary weapon as she was nearly at range one of manaroo after first shootout.

And she got her shields blown to pieces buy Fenn Rau. But she actually managed to regen all of them.

And in the last minutes of the match, she tossed abomb. Against Dash And Fenn Rau where Fenn rau was surprised. With my Inertial Dampeners which made a 2 HP Fenn Rau token less and bumped. And with a Seismic charged Straight in front of him.

I won this game with Luck in the beginning. And ended with a fully shielded Miranda and with Dash one shield down from my own bomb.

It was a sad Mistake By søren in round 4. And that costed him the match. but in the end he fought well but my green dice was OP.

Round 4 Pairings. Lucky me again.

Round 4 paired me up against. Christian I. Nielsen, and guess what. he played Scum. He played 2 Firesprays with one of them being Emon, who can literraly toss bombs around corners. So i had my work cut out. So again my plan was to Stack up focuses in the start. Just to be ready when we should get to the shootout.

He Flew straight ahead the first couple of turns before turning in towards my ships, Some shots where fired. but nothing serious. And again i felt my luck. When he in a sharp 2 turn near the edge was 2 maybe 3 MM outside of the boards.

And that was the end of Emon i think i was. And yet again Miranda and Dash coulc breathe a little more easily. and take it easy trying to catch the last firespray and so They did. He did not manage to use any bombs against me. And i was glad he did not.



Result and placement.

I won and went 2-2 of the day and when i looked at the results after my match. i actually was in top 4 with 2-2 and that is rare. but because everybody was beating everybody in the top i was there. Hoping that i could stay in top 8.

And so i did i ended up at 6th spot and was a happy person. I won the range ruler. so yay i was happy. And the day started bad with to losses. but i won the last 2 luckily but still wins.

The next Store Championship.

In 1½ week the game is on again. And this time i removed Ion bombs and a seismic charge and bought myself an Action bomb. i am getting Cluster mines. So i have something i can use as an action instead of an on reveal bomb. so now i cover both ends of the scale.

See you next time. and May the force Be with you.


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