Star wars X-wing miniatures game. Wave 11 has arrived. thoughts from a community.

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 The Arrival of wave 11

Now it has arrived, Wave 11. And already we are seeing people in the danish community geeking lists, talking about list beeing played over there en the big USA. and other places. Where the Wave arrived earlier.

What can we expect from this wave. is it dangerous to the meta as it is now. And when im asking this. I am thinking of the danish community. Where we even in our small country have differents in meta from Zealand to jutland.

Discussions about wave 11

Here in Denmark, people were quickly out with the new Biggs Build, popping Biggs up into the Nearly invincible sky. But is there something to it? Or is it just a Storm in a small glass of water?. Is this build With, Rex, Biggs, Pava, and Lowhhrick, Making Biggs very hard to kill.
Again it depends on how it is flown and who is flying the list. I only did see Paul Heaver on a youtube video fly it. So does that count ? Time will show.

Will other lists pop up, using some of the abilities from wave 11. Ofcourse there will, that is the whole point of a new wave. At least from Fantasy Flight Games point of view.



Oppinions from players in the danish X-wing community

I asked them 3 Questions about Wave 11.

What are your expectations from this wave?

Any  predictions for the future with wave 11 out?

Will this be a dominating wave ?

Lasse Kiilerich Says:

“What are your expectations from this wave?”

I don’t expect much from the ships themselves. The scurrg is the most interesting, as it can fill a lot of roles and has some interesting pilots, especially Nym in his two incarnations, which brings a whole new level to bombs. Scum Nym can use bombs as obstacles, but only for him and his friends and rebel Nym can make sure an activation bomb isn’t wasted and his friends can pass through his mines unharmed.

Very interesting. The Aggressor is also interesting: either a tlt carrier or an alpha striker. Or an alternative flanker with Unguided Rockets and Light Weight Frame. But it seems squishy. I like the model though. The last of the well-designed TIE variants.

The auzituck is the least interesting IMO. It’s a classic support ship, but Wulffwarro might prove a heavy hitter before burning out. The upgrades are another story. They really seem to complement many of the older ships, such as TIE Bombers and Firesprays. Swarms with z’s armed with Cruise Missiles will see the daylight and I’ve gotta try out 5x Scimitar Squadron Pilots with Unguided Rockets and LWF.

“Any predictions for the future with wave 11 out?”

I sense a FAQ coming out soon. There are still some unanswered questions from wave 10 and the C-ROC and I think they have something in store for Biggs and Jumpmasters. I think we’ll hear even more whining about Biggs. And we’ll see some Imperial players running 4x tlt like it was the best thing since sliced bread.

“Will this be a dominating wave ?”

No, not really. I think we’ll see a lot of lists with Biggs+Lowhhrick, but it seems people are as excited about this one as wave 10. Not very much. U-wing and Quadjumpers hardly ever see competetive play and the rest are very rare as well, though they fare better. Nym is a new Miranda, though, complements her well and is even better at some points. Cad Bane is the scum Sabine crew, allowing even more ships flying with bombs. I hope the Empire will get someone similar soon. They have a ship with ‘Bomber’ in it’s name, for crying out loud.



And  Christian Plumfisk Blom Hermansen has the following to say:

Since I’m an imperial player, the scum and rebel ships doesn’t really interest me. But I anticipated both factions would get a ship kinda similar to the kwing in the scurrg bomber. My expectation was a mixture of the punisher and kwing. The bomber generator looked like it would give bombers and punisher some teeth and usage.
The azituck is a different story, I didn’t expect this ship to do anything than to make Biggs even more annoying than before. It’s a hound on a small base, with a little more survive ability with the reinforce action. I doesn’t really come with any interesting cards imo, it isn’t a ship that will see much play time without Biggs in the list
I was really interested in the aggressor, since it’s the first imp ship with a turret slot. Kerstal look like a poor man’s omega leader in offense. It looked like it could be a counter for both high agility ships like the protectorate and awing. I expected the ship to be an arc dodging tlt carrier and to give the empire some much needed versatility in their roster. It looks like the imp meta could evolve with the aggressor.

And Rene Skall Also had something to say about the new wave.

What are your expectations from this wave?

Im looking forward to it, I really like the looks of the Scurrg and the Gunship, and they both bring something new. The Tie Aggressor finally delivers a ship to the empire with turrets, so now we don’t need to hear anymore about them whining over TLT. I already played the Scurrg, and the bomblet is a gimmich but a fun gimmick the minefield mapper I like a lot as it can change things up against the right players.

Any predictions for the future with wave 11 out?

I guess we now wait for wave 12 ?? I look forward to the fixes for the Kihraxz and the Starviper, I believe those will have a much larger impact than this wave will. As I play Scum a lot and have for the 8-9 months I have been playing, I have been very happy with the latest expansions, the C-ROC brought a lot of toys and so will the “Guns for hire” pack.

Will this be a dominating wave ?


I don’t see them changing the meta a lot, I can see all three ships getting some competitive play, specially for rebels.

How is wave 11 Doing at this moment

This is a hard question. As i have not my self got my hands on it yet. But i can tell that people are playtesting it alot these days, i know people har looking into Captain Nym both the scum and the Rebel version of im: Which brings me to this. The Scurrg H6 Bomber is the first Expansion to include both a rebel and a scum version of the same pilot if I am not mistaking. Which i think we will see more of in the future waves coming out.

I know we got a scum boba and scum kath scarlet but these are not from the same exspansion as the imperial ones. So that do not count towards it. But yes wave 11 might be the new way to go. Only time will tell what we will se from Fantasy Flight Games in the future.


May the force be with you.

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