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Mansion of Madness 2nd Edition: Recurring Nightmares and surpressed Memories list of Investigators.

This post contains advertising links which are marked with a * This is the list of Investigators which is coming with the two Figure and Tile Collections Recurring Nightmares and surpressed Memoiries. Here is the list of investigators. Surpressed Memories. … Læs resten

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Easy to learn Card games/boardgames

Card games. I just sat down and was thinking about, a couple of games that where easy to learn for you and your friends, either just for killing time with a new game or for travelling. Games that dont takes … Læs resten

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Star wars X-wing miniatures game. Wave 11 has arrived. thoughts from a community.

 The Arrival of wave 11 Now it has arrived, Wave 11. And already we are seeing people in the danish community geeking lists, talking about list beeing played over there en the big USA. and other places. Where the Wave … Læs resten

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Star Wars x-wing miniatures regional in Odense

X-wing regional was a learning curve The arrival for the x-wing regional in Odense ok so i got to my 3rd regional in my x-wing history, and we made it a roadtrip, me and my girlfriend Lise and our friends … Læs resten

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Game night at Faraos Copenhagen

  Training for the Dragons Lair Odense Regional in faraos copenhagen I went into Faraos Cigarer in copenhagen to get the last and actually first practice with my regional list, for this sundays Regional in Odense, and i will be … Læs resten

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