Faraos Copenhagen Store Championship Dash and Miranda Write up.

So Dash and Miranda. The date is Saturday the 29th. of July i went to one of the copenhagen store championships, which where held in Tåstrup in a Culture building called Kulturhuset. Where there are room for us X-wingers.

Copenhagen Shop.

Faraos Cigarer Shop in Copenhagen

What did you play?

And you can read all about my expectations and my list right here.!


But let me first say before I start with the round writeup this was one of the Store Championships i Played in with one of THE most exciting matches. But more on that later in this post.

This is also one of the better venues for Store Championship in the area. and i must say, Some X-wing players tend to forget things. And maybe break a peg or two. Which is where i come in handy. And i borrow stuff out and just a Shout Out to people borrowing things i never experienced such honesty i actually never NOT got my stuff back, so im happy with the community as it is now. And hopefully it will continue the same way for years.

Ok. But now for the real deal. the writeup.

The startup Round 1.

2 Ghosts i should be able to. but was not in gear. And i flew both my ships into the frey from the start. Which made them both well done. In a matter of rounds. I really did feel the power of range one ghosts. It was ouch time. And my head was just like. Why did i do that?. I could not believe it. I should have kept my distance. Would have had so much more of a chance if i had tried to keep myself at range 3.

Dash went down VERY quickly and so did Miranda. So this was all in all NOT my best round of X-wing. and especially not against 2 ghosts. but all i needed now was 4 more wins. If i would want to go on to the top cut.

Result: 18 – 100 Match Loss



Round 2. I needed a win.

In round 2 i was Up against a swede named Simon. and he fielded Vessery, Ryad, and i think it was Tomax bren. I was full of confidence that i could win this. So i started up in one side. Just to move up slowly to get som e Focus on Rey. For later use in the game. Which i started to do somewhat every game. To be sure to have something on Dash. So he could be free to do barrel roll or target lock. Further in the game.

A couple of round went like this. While we slowly got nearer and nearer to each other. And when it came to first round of shooting Dash peeled of some shields on ryad and Simon Just peeled down Miranda. Like ok miranda shoo. Get off the board. amd boom she was a pile of space debris. OUCH that one hurt, i was at that moment ready for a quick match. But Dash wanted to play. And so he did. one by one he took them down, with vessery the last one of them he took down. Dash know how to play with astroids to get distance so he can fire his favorite cannon.

Result: 100 – 48 Match win.



Round 3 a 100% mirror match. Close encounter.

as this was a mirror match we actually uses the same tactic at the start of the match. Go slowly with dash. Stock up Focus on rey for later use in the match. And so we did. It was a few rounds before we turned in towards eachother. And when we did, it was Dash vs Dash. And we exchanged Shields basically he got one more of my Dash than i did from his.

This went on for some time. Until he got trough and hit with a cluster mine on My Dash, and Dash started to hurt. I got through the shields on His Dash also. But nevertheless a few rounds further he shot down My Dash. Who ofcourse shot back but didnt do anything of notice to my opponent. And we went on to finish the match not so long after, and tossing some bombs after eachother without hitting. My miranda survived. But i lost the match.

Result: 26 – 52 A match loss.

Round 4 two big ships against MiranDash.

This was against a Guy from Sweden. he fielded the Decimator with Oicunn and the new upsilon shuttle with Stridan as pilot. This was a fun match to play. And i was VERY surprised during the first close encounter in this match. Where Dash got caught up with Oicunn and damn he could do damage against Dash, bumbing and bumbing etc. wow that hurts. very much indeed. But he did survive that first “Oicunn Crash” of the match.

Miranda was also near when this happened and within the next few round she tossed a Cluster Mine and hit with on of them IF i remember correctly and did total of 1 damage from the mine and then 1 from Sabine. and yet again a few rounds after Miranda started to play with her new toy the Bomlet Generator. and nice 3 pts bomb. Which DONT run out, which mean unless boba crew removes it or Miranda dies she will not run out of bombs. Soo nice in my oppinion. And in this match i tossed 3 of them and 2 of them hit and with sabine that was 4 damage in total for those 3 bombs so i was happy.

It was miranda in the end who won this match for me. With her TLT and her bomblet generator. So i was glad. and in this match one move from my Swedish opponent where Oicunn ended up on a nice cozy rock. cost him the match. which ment he could not shoot.

Result: 100 – 52 Match Win.



Round 5: vs rebel Nym and miranda.

Last round i was at 2-2 and i should win if i should have a chance for being in top 8. Here i met Kim Reynolds. A standup guy, who play very very good, he was 3-1 at this point and would be in top 4 if he won this match.

So the match Started. i started out slowly. building a bit focus on Dash for starters. I new he would come in fast because of those new and very cool Cruise missiles where you to a max of four dices Add the movement speed to your attack. And Dash got them straight up. From nym with his Pilot skill 10. and i was lucky he only got 3 hits i think on this first attack, and Dash evaded a bit and took 1 damage. next attack from miranda. same thing. My green dice where on fire from the start. I ofcourse shot back and peeled some shields of his ships.

Ok new the fight got exciting after this first round of shooting. We tossed bombs after eachother. Some hit some dont. I got both my cluster mines out. The last one just to try and make him fly the other way. And he locked a ionbomb between 2 obstacles. Hoping to catch Dash at some point. We shot back and forth and this came down to Nym at 2 hull. His miranda at 2 hull. He had at this point killed of my Miranda. and my Dash was at 2 hull. The scene is the corner of the board.

The right turn.

I was facing towards the corner in an Angle where I according to my eye measurement could be with a sharp 1 turn. either way. but nym on the lower left side in range of a bomblet token with Sabine. and miranda at the top right of Dash. This was the so exciting i moved first. and my plan was to go right and barrel roll back to block miranda. And hope for the best to survive the bomblet from Nym, if the dice blanked out and he only gave me 1 damage i could get a shot at Nym and the fight would have been very open again with Dash vs Miranda.

I turned Right. I remember Kim asked if he should do it. BUT this was so critical i insisted on doing it myself so he was not to blame if i could not fit inside the board. And it was soo F…ing close we had to actually call over Vince our Great TO to actually Decide weither i lost or survived a bit. and i was 1 or 2 MM on the wrong side. Sadly for me. But this was one of the more Adrenaline pumping matches i ever played in.

Thanks to Kim for a great Match.

Result: 0 – 100 (Not showing how close it was sadly).



The conclusion of the Store Championship Faraos copenhagen held in Tåstrup.

I was overall satisfied with the last 4 games. was not satisfied with the first match. Where I felt I was playing so badly and knew i could do better. But i went on to win 2 matches. not enough but it was still fun.

Now i am looking forward to my next Store Championship on august 12th. also in Tåstrup but at a different location it is the Fantask Store Championship.

Remember to Fly Casual and may the force be with you … Always.

See you next time.

You can read my Last writeup right here.




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