Expectations for Star Wars: Rogue One

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Under a week to go, are we looking forward to the premiere of Star Wars: Rogue One , i will be going on Friday the 16th together with fellow star wars fans, and i am looking forward to it, we are taking Over Valby Kino , filling it up to the breaking point and, the day after we play Star wars X wing miniature game in a totally sold out tournament, so next weekend is going to be Great in so many ways.

Now to the movie i have followed as much info that i had time to gather, watched a lot of trailers and damn i am really looking forward to this movie.
even our own Mads Mikkelsen is starring in the movie, i am sure he is going to do good.

Let me show you one of the trailers

There you have it, the trailer speaks to itself , cant wait until next friday.

I loved the other movies, although this is the first spinoff , following a girl who will try to stop the empire from building their first Death Star, and we will see how this goes around and who will show up in this movie.

Some even say they saw the Ship from the Star wars Rebel cartoon series, The Ghost flying around in the trailer so that just up the ante a bit more, could be super cool if that was the case and is confirmed when we watch the movie.

So see you in the dark theater rooting for the empire to build that Death Star

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