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Mansions of Madness And a happy new year.

Mansions of Madness new years eve horror gaming, and makes this new years eve, a bit different of what i use to do, well at least some of it was different, we have invited 3 friends over, for some cozyness, and good food, we made Raclette, which is where, you actually cook, your food at the table, a little like Fondue, if you all know that? Well if you dont, all i can say try it, it taste good.



We ate, until we where bursting, so we were full going into second half, of the evening, and here in Denmark, we usually, watch The queens speech, on TV around 18:00 hours, but this year, our TV provider was down, so no TV signal, oh great was the thought, what to do, and my girlfriend was like, Hey I just bought, Mansions Of Madness 2nd edition.

So a friend of ours, started reading the rules, and installed the required app, and what a great addition, to that game, that app actually allow you to play, the game 1 person if you really want to, but we where 5 which is the max in the game, Where we started by selecting our characters, we select one each, and find the corresponding miniature for that character.

The app is running Mansions of Madness.

Once characters are chosen, you tell the app which characters we play, and then press start.
The app then tells your story, and what tiles you will need, to use on the board, and tells you where to put them, if more are added, The app also tells you, where you can search items, open doors, etc.

This is really, good thinking from Fantasyflightgames, making the app that tells you what to do, and this is not because we are getting lazy, this is in my opinion a great addition to a game, and unlock one person from being the one, everybody has to beat, like in hero’es quest, where you had, a dungeon master kind of guy, to plot in all things like, new tiles, and new monsters etc.




Mansions of madness game for all participants.

In Mansions of Madness, everybody can play, while the app is playing dungeon master, or in this case, lets invent the MANSIONS MASTER! yes new term , you heard it here first !
so the app starts, telling you a little story, on why you are in this particularly mansion, (and by the way we chose the starter mission).
We started out at the front door with other doors to explore and items and shelves to search and loot, Every character have special abilities, in addition to any items you receive.

We where excited, to get this game underway, and so we did, moving around with our 2 actions each round, we could say that we searched an item, or a shelve or something 3rd, and tell the app, what we have searched, and the app tell you what will happen, when you search that item, or that shelve, or open the door, you want to open,and once every character has moved, used actions etc, you tell the app, that you are done, the app will go forth with a Mythos phase, this is the phase where monsters move, use powers , attacks and so on.



You can find the game here.


This is Cthulhu!

I can only say watch out for monsters, this is a Cthulhu game, so monster will be inbound, and your characters, will receive horror damage, which will make you insane, at some point when you receive, to many horror damage. I remember i got insane and got an insane card, and on the back, of these cards, you will see a secret, that you need to hold to yourself, mine was that i cannot speak, which i then should try to play, so the rest of the game i could not speak, this is quite difficult, I say to you. but was very fun to play like that.
Mansions of Madness is a horror game, and Cthulhu horror, is the best horror games, out there in my opinion.

I can only imagine, if you put up candles, around the table and turn of the lights, this game will, reach further into awesomeness, and you will be on edge, the whole game, we where, and we had the lights on, you will always be wary, of what is behind that door, should I read, the weird text on the wall, and in these books, hey what is it that, which are talking in our characters heads, this Mansions of Madness is Cthulhu to the core,

This Mansions of Madness is a great game, and is working, even on a new years eve, the game, is easy to go to, it looks very advanced, but it is not, no thick book of rules, just download the app and read the rules reference, and you are good to go, and investigate the mansions.

Enjoy your game of Mansions Of Madness.

Stay scary !



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