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Hey all

Ever Considered Getting you own webpage ?

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Web-Hosting site, That is what you need, and then you do not have to wait no more, in this post i will explain to you how you get your own domain and getting that domain hosted at a Web-Hosting site, there are various methods and various companies out there which offers different things to your domain.

I will off course again take off from Denmark where i live , to make this about those you primarily can get in Denmark, but i will mention those web hotels i know off outside Denmark also.

Where to buy my new domain  ?

Before you buy a domain you of course need to find out what name you wanna use, MOST of the web-hosts and domain providers have a search field which allows you to see if the name you want is available, and bear in mind that your chosen name can be available in many forms, lets say you want to be myfunlife you will search it and you will probably see that some of the domains have been taken, so can have a different owner than , when you buy a domain you only buy one and you have to choose, if it is *.dk or ‘.com or another Domain ending.

But first off i will tell you about where i have bought my domains and have them at their hotel, and that is one of Europe’s biggest providers for Web-Hosting

*Danish webhotel

I can only tell you, that I do not have any problems with them, and they treat their costumers well, i can always get my hold at them via chat or email, and they, will answer as quick as possible.
They are my first and so far Only web-hosting site, i cannot say i never will change but so far i am not planning to change, so click the logo and start your journey to a new website/web-domain with hosting.



Ok lets have a look at some of the other providers out there.

Web-Hosting option.

Here we have is another choice you have, when it comes to Web-Hosting, these are also little known to me, but they are out there, and they are also offering domains to europe, their site can be set to danish, german, english, norwegian and swedish, So have a look at them also

*A webhosting company


And they claim to be the cheapest one in Denmark, and when i see the price i think they are but do not hang me on that 100%.

The Others i dunno much about ?

There a some Web-Hosting services i actually haven’t heard so much about, so i will just list them here, i am not sure of their quality, or their service level, but im sure they will do good so explore and see if they are the ones you want to use, for your own website.

We have NNHosting a Danish company offering Hosting.*

And we have cHosting another danish hosting company, which seems like a company with very competitive prices for their Web-Hosting services.*

So many danish companies here are another one which seems very very competitive about its prices, so go for it, This is Team Internet Web-Hosting and they seem cool.*

Then we have Webdomain, also a very price competitive Web-Hosting site, and is also one i have never used, but they seem like they know what they are doing.*

Now 2 in a row Surftown and Cliche they are totally new to me, to be honest i never heard of them but if you want to try them go ahead. They both offer some competitive prices for Web-Hosting.*

OK This was a banner filled Blog Post, i am still Learning about all this blogging, so if you have anything to comment, please comment below and i will answer you as soon as possible.



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