Lindhardgaming Presents: where should i buy PC hardware?

Hi Again,  Lets Talk Hardware

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Lindhardgaming here, with another post , this time I will talk about, where to buy your hardware,  as I am from Denmark myself, i will focus on shops/webshops, around the nordic countries.

So first things first, what should i look for when buying hardware for a new PC or just looking for upgrades, for the old machinery you have at home.
But both versions depends, what is your needs, what you wanna do with the PC, many people just go down, to the local shop say, I want i a new PC, and you might end up with either, paying to much, or too little according, to what your needs for the PC is, and this can be both, on laptop and desktop.


What do I Need ?

Yes what do YOU need, first of all you can start, by maybe brainstorming, take a piece of paper and write down what you will be using your PC for, will it be gaming, just surfing the internet, doing graphics etc.
All of these things, are what you need to be sure of, before you go buy Hardware, and once you know exactly what you will be using the PC for you will be able to find the best items and prices for that specific PC Hardware.
Once you have written down what you need, what you expect the Hardware, should be able to do, then you can move on, to the next hard choice, where should I buy it, should I stick to one shop, or should I spread my shopping to, more than one Shop.

Where should i Buy Hardware?

Where you should buy my hardware, depends on what you need, some places are GREAT for buying lets say graphics cards, other places are best for keyboards etc.
But lets have a look at places i think would be great for you to look at also.

Buy all Hardware site 1

First off lets look at a webshop where you basically can buy everything you need to build a computer.

And that place is, this is a Norwegian owned site, which have everything you need to build a computer, They have all the hardware, you need from the power supply, to the computer case.
So this site you definitely need to check out, when to buy a new computer, and they have fair prices.*

I have been shopping at komplett, and i can only say positive things to that shop. and they deliver on time, big plus ofc.

Buy All Hardware Site 2

Next is a danish webshop, which might be a bit more expensive on some hardwareproducts, but fully competitive on other products, they are a pure computer shop, which have both a webshop, and a physical store in copenhagen.*

The full name, of the store is Føniks Computer, and as said above the logo, you can buy everything at them, all you need to build a computer, but as i mentioned in the start of this post, check up prices and compare with other sites, you might be able to save money.

Also i have bought from them, and good costumer service, except in a case of a laptop, where they did not listen, to what we had to say to them, about a new laptop we where buying at the time.
But do not let that scare you, take a look, and make your own impressions.



Buy all hardware site 3 & 4

Next i will tell you about two other webshops that i know of in denmark, i have not bought so much from then, and what i have bought is still working so that is great.
But really cant tell you much about them.

Here they are .*

At both these Shops, you can buy what you need, if you want to keep yourself at one shop, you can use any of the above 4 shops, but an advice is, to compare prices, and talk to them to find best buy of the lot. This is also something you should actually take as a life lesson, see where you can find the best price, for what you want.

what about accessories ?

Will you need accessories? well maybe, I will say it depends on your person, your mood, and who you are, do you want some nice headsets? or a nice gaming chair? well some sites is somewhat specialized in exactly that.
So let us take a look at some of those sites, shall we.

So let us look at a webshop called*

This is a shop that is somewhat specialized in optimizing your gaming setup, with equipment, here you will find power supplies and network stuff, and other things, Like chairs and things for your setup that might not be inside your computer, but some things you may need to pimp your gamin corner at home, these guys really got a cool site up, i have yet to buy anything from them, but i have only heard great things.

So go to their site, make your way around and see if there is anything you like .



Next up is a site i mentioned in my post where to buy your PC games, they actually also have some PC hardware stuff, but mostly accessories, like keyboards, headsets, mouses, and mats, some of the exterior stuff for your PC. so take a look at

*Buy games and other stuff at

They have great costumer service on the games part, but haven’t really bought anything else from them, but IF you buy from them i would be glad to hear from you, if it was a good or bad deal.

Final words

Just remember to be aware when you shop Hardware Online, know your reclamation rules here in Denmark, and make sure to choose the cheapest way to get your package, and if you are able to get i sent to a company address, that could be a benefit for you IF you have ordered much and big stuff, it maybe easier for you to get it home from your workplace than from a post office in midtown.

Ok This is actually my most lengthy post to this date, more will come , hopefully you will keep read my posts see you all soon.

Lindhardgaming is signing off for now.


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