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Where Should you buy your PC games?

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Well i asked myself that question alot, what should my priorties be, when to find a place to buy games.

In this post i will tell what sites i use to buy them, and i will also show you a couple, of other sites, you could use to buy those games.

First off lets start with Collectors editions of Some games, those i would never buy online, i would go down to my local Gamestop, and pre order them, just to be sure, and because i like the way, gamestop handles pre orders to big games, at least the ones in Denmark.



OK now from Pre orders of big games to where to buy games , some of these sites are danish, as i am from Denmark while others are international sites.

Tell which sites there is!

First of all lets talk about G2A, a international site, which brings you some quite good deals once in a while, this is a site you need to keep your eye on, as their prices are VERY, competitive in the games area.
You can find the link just here below, just click on the link and start buying some cheap games*

*Cheap games at G2A

Second Site i will say a few words about is, which is a danish site, where i have bought ALOT of my games, they have prices in the low/mid end on the older games, while the new games are basically standard prices, here you can buy the games as download or in physical form, I like that you have the option to buy them in physical form, if you like the view of game cases on your shelves.

But Coolshop is a great place to shop and the few times i needed their costumer service I was well taken care off with no question asked.
So feel free to buy Games at Their Site, i dunno if this is cheaper, than other countries but the downloadable games, you probably would be able to buy from other countries than Denmark.

*Buy cheap games at coolshop

Now lets take a look at another site that sells PC games, this site is also Danish and to be honest i have never used it for Games, they are mostly known in Denmark for their DVD/Blu Ray sale.
But they do sell games and at a fairly competitive price , they cannot measure them selves with Coolshop because they do not, sell any downloadable games

Take a look at Their Site. Buy Stuff if you want.

Ok next up i just want to mention some of the obvious places to buy games today,

The usual Suspects!

We have the gaming platforms, Like Origin*, Steam*, Uplay*  which are great platforms and with competitive prices, and you get all the games you buy at them in their respective launchers.
Of course, we have* which are blizzards launcher/shop, that sells only blizzard games.

IF you want Nostalgia games, like Planescape torment, neverwinter nights, or even older games, you should seriously take a look at*, THIS is the place to shop for old games, I can only recommend this site, IF you are into OLDschool games. I really love this site, and they have some very cheap games, and most of their games are what i call old VERY big titles of their age.



So That was a little about where i buy and where you could buy PC games at a competitive Price, because why pay full price when you can search the market a little and find the cheapest one, to buy.

See you next Time





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