How did my Copenhagen X Wing Regionals Go

Hi All

Finally i had some time to sit down, and write about how i did to the Copenhagen Regionals, in Star Wars X-Wing miniatures.

First of all it was a great day, a day which was long, and i got very tired, during the day, i have to admit, that this Regional was placed within some busyness at my job, so i did not expect to much, as you could read in an earlier Post.

The Day, started out cool, i was in a good Mood, i arrived just in time, but with a little few hours of sleep, as sleep is not my friend these days.
I, signed in a started to get ready, and within 30 mins first gentleman was over, to ask if he could borrow some dials, that he forgotten at home, and because our community is such a great community i of course said yes to it.
straight after, another guy came over, he has forgotten cardboard for the bases , so i borrowed him what he needed.
And now back to my own ships, i was going to play a Dash/Poe List. and i was fielding the following.



My Regional List

Poe Dameron (PS9 version):

Push The Limit
Pattern Analyzer
Black One

The Other ship in the list is

Dash Rendar

Lone Wolf
Heavy Laser Cannon
Mercenary Copilot
Engine Upgrade

Start of the Tournament.

I started out with a win, sadly my memory is not so good as to remember full lists, and names of opponents.
But, when I write about tournaments in the future, I will make sure to have pictures of lists, and more, so i can remember what i played against.

Back to the Win, i was glad, i almost felt like, hey i was favorite in this first matchup, but i was a little to happy, and was quickly thrown down to earth again.
When i lost, my next 3 matches, for a 1 win, 3 Losses after just 4 rounds, There goes my dream of top 8.
But i am, not quitting before time, is playing match 5 and 6, to finish the day off good,and try to get wins in those last matches.
and well it succeeded.



I ended at 3 wins and 3 Losses, which I really was glad that i did, end with 2 wins, because, i am not a great tournament player.
But i can only get better, which i will strife upon next year.
When the season starts again, of course I will, fight to get better, I think the game is great and, I really do want to learn and get better.To conclude the Saturday of gaming.

Great, great, great tournament, really looking forward to the next tournament once we reach 2017.
Follow me on this Blog to see how i will be doing in the future, maybe i will tell about my Monday nights of gaming in Copenhagen, a little batrep from the training rooms.

So have nice day, merry Christmas and a Happy New year.

See you all.



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