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    Star Wars x-wing miniatures regional in Odense

    X-wing regional was a learning curve The arrival for the x-wing regional in Odense ok so i got to my 3rd regional in my x-wing history, and we made it a roadtrip, me and my girlfriend Lise and our friends Henrik and Vince, Me and Henrik was going to participate and Vince and Lise was there for support, and only for support , as we told Vince, but we was just arrived when he offered to help the TO , who only To’ed his 2nd Tournament, but it was in my oppinion a well run tournament, with some flaws but we all started somewhere. and before we talk about my…

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    Game night at Faraos Copenhagen

      Training for the Dragons Lair Odense Regional in faraos copenhagen I went into Faraos Cigarer in copenhagen to get the last and actually first practice with my regional list, for this sundays Regional in Odense, and i will be playing the following list. Regional Odense List. TIE Defender: Countess Ryad X7 Title Push The Limit Twin Ion Engine MK II TIE Defender: Vesssery Juke X7 Title TIE Defender: Delta Squadron X7 Title Yes some of you may have seen it before, and yes i have borrowed it / copied it on total purpose, so no worries you would do the same.     The Match I got to play me…

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    Interview with Ian Courtney from Zombiesquadron About Yavin

    Expectations for yavin Player pov   Hey: Is this your first tournament? Well, Yavin will only be my second… of 2017. Currently it is dry January in terms of X wing tournaments so I will be a little cold in terms of tournament gaming going in, but I don’t feel that should be much of an issue. How many tournaments have you played ? As long as the wife does not read this by my count it stands at twenty of which I’ve won three (including a store championship), runner up twice and a third place. Of course that is sandwiched by a variety of middle of the road to…

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    Copenhagen X wing Birthday Bash

    Copenhagen X-wing Birthday Bash So this weekend Saturday the 28th, Copenhagen X-wing had its 4 years birthday, which was celebrated with a tournament in Tåstrup Medborgerhus. This was a nice and relaxing tournament. Competitive but still very casual, i was there and played a older List of mine, a list that actually in 2015, brought me into top 8 at CPH regionals back then The List A list consisting of the following. Rear Admiral Chiraneu Darth Vader Ysanne Isard, Gunner Predator Engine Upgrade Soontir Fel Push The LImit Hull Upgrade Autothrusters Royal Guard Tie How it Went Down This was a tournament that i will remember not because i did…

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    Interview with the Yavin Open TO/Marshall Vince Kingston

    Hey: What did start your interest in TO’ing Well it stems back to my first ever ‘large’ tournament. It was the 2013 UK Nationals, where if memory serves we were 64 players. After that tourney, I promised myself to start running the best tourneys I could. How many years have you been TO’ing? Since 2013 I guess now. So basically as long as X Wing has been growing.     Are you looking forward to be TO/Marshall at Yavin Open? Of course. I’ve an amazing team again this year, and I’m sure it’ll be a huge success. Is it demanding to be the TO/Marshall at such a big tournament? Of…

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    U-Wing Wave 10 StarWars X wing

    U-Wing Unboxing This post contains advertising links which are marked with a * U-wing Unboxing in this video just below. What is the U-wing? The U-wing, is a ship from the newest Movie, in the Star Wars Universe Rogue One, in Rogue One, the U-wing is a troop transporter, that you see the rebels, utilize on the Beach, when coming to help “Rogue One” This is a ship that got its own title, where it can change, wing positions and gain bonus if the wings are pointing backwards or forward. And you can buy it right here.* How is the U-wing Dial? The U-wing Dial is actually Quite Good with…

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    TIE Striker Wave 10 Star wars X wing

    Tie striker unboxing This post contains advertising links which are marked with a *   What is the TIE striker? The TIE striker is a ship, first seen in the new Rogue One movie, it is another TIE(twin Ion Engine) ship from The Empire, and is a part of wave 10, for the Star Wars: X wing miniature game, and already after the movie, someone would make fun of this ship, because it can actually, flap its wings like a bird, so there was, much fun in that, it was a mini cartoon make for YouTube I think, but nevertheless us X wing players have it as a playable ship…

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    New Years Mansions of Madness

    Hi All     Mansions of Madness And a happy new year. Mansions of Madness new years eve horror gaming, and makes this new years eve, a bit different of what i use to do, well at least some of it was different, we have invited 3 friends over, for some cozyness, and good food, we made Raclette, which is where, you actually cook, your food at the table, a little like Fondue, if you all know that? Well if you dont, all i can say try it, it taste good.